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  1. If anyone joined this league- and used PayPal- you already lost. Rip up your tickets you have been mushed.
  2. Fraud alert****** Do not send this man any money under ANY circumstance “TOM WARNER” He is a fraud and a thief and will take your money. He dissolved my league site- deleted it in last day of season and kept the pot. He doesn’t respond and is still on here soliciting leagues while he ignores those he stole from. I Have since heard and learned I’m not the only one he has fleeced, this is what he does. He only accepts PayPal and then when he collects will dissolve his PayPal too. He is a grifter and real POS fraud alert**********
  3. Fraud alert****** Fraud alert******** do not send this man- Tom Warner- any money he is a thief and will pocket it. He does not accept leaguesafe because his plan is to take your money like he took mine. He deleted my leagues site on the last day of season and then went into a virtual hiding. It is people like this that make playing with strangers risky. ****thief Fraud fraud fraud fraud fraud
  4. Thief*********Do not send this man any money, he is a thief and a fraud. He dissolved my league on final day of season and went full hermit. He doesn’t accept leaguesafe and now I know why. Beware he will pocket your money
  5. Do not send any money to TOMWARNER “vikings222” - he is a thief he is on here soliciting leagues- he only uses PayPal- in the last day of my league last week he deleted the site and didn’t reach out to anyone or respond to many emails. He is a thief - do not send him a dime.
  6. Hey buddy- I reached out to you several times to rectify the league I joined. FYI- on last night of season league site was deleted and he has not responded to anyone. Do not send this man any money - FRAUD alert fraud - fraud- fraud- fraud- fraud
  7. Do not send this man a dime he is a fraud , stole my league pot - doesn’t take leaguesafe and pockets the money
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