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  1. I'm suppose to keep him in the 7th round during my draft tonight. This injury doesn't look good. Do I keep Vlad Jr. in 17th round instead?
  2. Thanks man - I remember you back in the day when I'd come on here a lot more often! Long shot, but by any chance do you have that person's username? Or know how to find a Mod?
  3. How do I change my username on here? I don't see it in settings.
  4. Bit off topic - but anyone know how to change your username? My league comes here so I have to mix it up.
  5. 100/30/100/15/.280 is my bold prediction (might changed if Braun is dealt)
  6. What's your projected slashing line for him?
  7. Guy was a steal for me in 19th round; do we see this production as sustainable or time to sell high?
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