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  1. I don't know guys. Last year I felt like the league kinda fell apart when people starting losing and were out of playoff contention.
  2. Fallopian Swim Team, 24.01 - Miami Dolphins D/ST
  3. Fallopian Swim Team, 23.12 - Anthony Fasano, TE, Miami
  4. Wow, TPH gets the best player in football.
  5. Could've sworn he was already taken. Guess not.
  6. Fallopian Swim Team, 22.01 - Jacoby Jones, WR, Houston
  7. Fallopian Swim Team, 21.12 - Muhsin Muhammad, WR, Carolina
  8. Nice pick. I just moved him to the top of my list. Oh well, I guess I'll take him off now.
  9. Let's go dudes. I have another couple 80 year olds I wanna draft.
  10. Typically Dynasty Leagues follow the same structure as the NFL. Meaning that the Rookie draft is fixed, 1-12 all rounds.
  11. Fallopian Swim Team, 20.01 - Sage Rosenfels, QB, Minnesota
  12. Fallopian Swim Team, 19.12 - Justin Gage, WR, Tennessee
  13. Open For Business! As we near the end of the draft, I'd like to start the trade talk. Check out my team in the signature line and let me know who you're interested in. If you have gaps to fill, especially at RB, talk to me and we might be able to figure out a deal. I've got some age on me, but also tons of upside. -FST-
  14. Ha. Thankfully we don't HAVE to keep anyone we don't want to. During the season and into 2010 I'll be making plenty of changes, gearing up to win next season...and then doing the same the following season. My main focus is winning this year. If a team isn't focused on always taking the championship in the current season, but rather looking to the future, then when will they ever win?
  15. Seriously, when did we change to a 12 time limit? That's pretty messed up for people who are in completely different time zones, like Ill.
  16. A roster in the mid-20s is typical of Dynasty Leagues (I think there are still some nice, quality players still out there that are beyond mere crap-shoot picks.) No sense in blaming it on the large roster when you make the same mistake...twice. Especially after...
  17. I believe I posted the whole draft a few pages back.
  18. Round 1 1 El Iguanodon - Adrian Peterson RB 2 Texas Teabaggers - Matt Forte RB 3 Ill Will - Maurice Jones-Drew RB 4 TEAM X - Michael Turner RB 5 I miss Football - Chris Johnson RB 6 Hoosier Smurfs - Steven Jackson RB 7 Pack Attack - DeAngelo Williams RB 8 Lana Turner's Lover - Steve Slaton RB 9 Unemployed Sofa Kings - Larry Fitzgerald WR 10 Team Zawacki - Calvin Johnson WR 11 Trailer Park Hose - Andre Johnson WR 12 Fallopian Swim Team - Frank Gore RB Round 2 Fallopian Swim Team - Ronnie Brown RB Trailer Park Hose - Michael Crabtree WR Team Zawacki - Randy Moss WR Unemployed S
  19. Keeping it young... Fallopian Swim Team, 18.01 - Kevin Faulk, RB, New England
  20. Fallopian Swim Team, 17.12 - Fred Taylor, RB, New England
  21. Give me a sec to catch up. The two I'm looking at have a combined age in the 60s, so I doubt anyone's taken them...
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