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  1. I don't know guys. Last year I felt like the league kinda fell apart when people starting losing and were out of playoff contention.

    Ok here is who we accounted for:

    Unemployed Sofa Kings: mbs4

    Team X: Team Harville

    Trailer Park Hose: drater

    Ill Will: littleevilll

    I miss Football: Kanter112186

    Hoosier Smurfs: Hoosier Smurf

    Pack Attack: sportsguy21792

    Here is who we are waiting for:

    El Iguanodon: megamoviejohn

    Team Zawacki: JaYz618

    Fallopian Swim Team: knownothings

    Lana Turner's Lover: Vanity is my insanity

    I Can Has Roethlisberger?: ????

    I'm gonna send some PMs.

  2. Open For Business!

    As we near the end of the draft, I'd like to start the trade talk. Check out my team in the signature line and let me know who you're interested in. If you have gaps to fill, especially at RB, talk to me and we might be able to figure out a deal. I've got some age on me, but also tons of upside.


  3. But you guys are F'd years 3-7.

    Just sayin....B)


    Thankfully we don't HAVE to keep anyone we don't want to. During the season and into 2010 I'll be making plenty of changes, gearing up to win next season...and then doing the same the following season. My main focus is winning this year. If a team isn't focused on always taking the championship in the current season, but rather looking to the future, then when will they ever win?

  4. A roster in the mid-20s is typical of Dynasty Leagues (I think there are still some nice, quality players still out there that are beyond mere crap-shoot picks.)

    No sense in blaming it on the large roster when you make the same mistake...twice. Especially after...

    i wish people were keeping track of the picks so we didnt have these needless delays.
  5. Round 1

    1 El Iguanodon - Adrian Peterson RB

    2 Texas Teabaggers - Matt Forte RB

    3 Ill Will - Maurice Jones-Drew RB

    4 TEAM X - Michael Turner RB

    5 I miss Football - Chris Johnson RB

    6 Hoosier Smurfs - Steven Jackson RB

    7 Pack Attack - DeAngelo Williams RB

    8 Lana Turner's Lover - Steve Slaton RB

    9 Unemployed Sofa Kings - Larry Fitzgerald WR

    10 Team Zawacki - Calvin Johnson WR

    11 Trailer Park Hose - Andre Johnson WR

    12 Fallopian Swim Team - Frank Gore RB

    Round 2

    Fallopian Swim Team - Ronnie Brown RB

    Trailer Park Hose - Michael Crabtree WR

    Team Zawacki - Randy Moss WR

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Knowshawn Moreno RB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Kevin Smith RB

    Pack Attack - Drew Brees QB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Chris "Beanie" Wells RB

    I miss Football - Greg Jennings WR

    TEAM X - Brandon Jacobs RB

    Ill Will - Marques Colston WR

    Texas Teabaggers - Tom Brady QB

    El Iguanodon - Roddy White WR

    Round 3

    El Iguanodon - Dwayne Bowe WR

    Texas Teabaggers - LaDainian Tomlinson RB

    Ill Will - Matt Ryan QB

    TEAM X - Reggie Wayne WR

    I miss Football - Peyton Manning QB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Anquan Boldin WR

    Pack Attack - Steve Smith CAR WR

    Lana Turner's Lover - Marion Barber RB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Aaron Rodgers QB

    Team Zawacki - Jonathan Stewart RB

    Trailer Park Hose - Darren McFadden RB

    Fallopian Swim Team - Jason Witten TE

    Round 4

    Fallopian Swim Team - Brian Westbrook RB

    Trailer Park Hose - Pierre Thomas RB

    Team Zawacki - Marshawn Lynch RB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Ryan Grant RB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Brandon Marshall WR

    Pack Attack - Clinton Portis RB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Jay Cutler QB

    I miss Football - Braylon Edwards WR

    TEAM X - Philip Rivers QB

    Ill Will - Shonn Greene RB

    Texas Teabaggers - Wes Welker WR

    El Iguanodon - Santonio Holmes WR

    Round 5

    El Iguanodon - LeSean McCoy RB

    Texas Teabaggers - Derrick Ward RB

    Ill Will - Felix Jones RB

    TEAM X - Reggie Bush RB

    I miss Football - Rashard Mendenhall RB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Joseph Addai RB

    Pack Attack - Roy Williams WR

    Lana Turner's Lover - Tony Romo QB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Ray Rice RB

    Team Zawacki - DeSean Jackson WR

    Trailer Park Hose - Matthew Stafford QB

    Fallopian Swim Team - Lee Evans WR

    Round 6

    Fallopian Swim Team - Vincent Jackson WR

    Trailer Park Hose - Eddie Royal WR

    Team Zawacki - Donald Brown RB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Anthony Gonzalez WR

    Lana Turner's Lover - TJ Houshmandzadeh WR

    Pack Attack - Bernard Berrian WR

    Hoosier Smurfs - Greg Olsen TE

    I miss Football - Antonio Gates TE

    TEAM X - Chad OchoCinco WR

    Ill Will - Donnie Avery WR

    Texas Teabaggers - Santana Moss WR

    El Iguanodon - Larry Johnson RB

    Round 7

    El Iguanodon - Matt Shaub QB

    Texas Teabaggers - Darren Sproles RB

    Ill Will - Kellen Winslow Jr TE

    TEAM X - Antonio Bryant WR

    I miss Football - Michael Bush RB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Jerricho Cotchery WR

    Fallopian Swim Team via trade - Cedric Benson RB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Tony Gonzalez TE

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Devin Hester WR

    Team Zawacki - Owen Daniels TE

    Trailer Park Hose - LenDale White RB

    Pack Attack via trade - Chris Cooley TE

    Round 8

    Fallopian Swim Team - Percy Harvin WR

    Trailer Park Hose - LeRon McClain RB

    Team Zawacki - Hakeen Nicks WR

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Dustin Keller TE

    Lana Turner's Lover - Jeremy Maclin WR

    Pack Attack - Stephen Gostkowski K

    Hoosier Smurfs - Lance Moore WR

    I miss Football - Terrell Owens WR

    TEAM X - Dallas Clark TE

    Ill Will - Ahmad Bradshaw RB

    Texas Teabaggers - Brian Robiskie WR

    El Iguanodon - Ben Roethlesberger QB

    Round 9

    El Iguanodon - Jamaal Charles RB

    Texas Teabaggers - Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST

    Ill Will - James Jones WR

    TEAM X - Willie Parker RB

    I miss Football - Josh Morgan WR

    Hoosier Smurfs - Earl Bennett WR

    Pack Attack - New York Giants Defense

    Lana Turner's Lover - Jerious Norwood RB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - James Davis RB

    Team Zawacki - Kurt Warner QB

    Trailer Park Hose - Matt Cassell QB

    Pack Attack via trade - Kevin Walter WR

    Round 10

    Fallopian Swim Team - Donovan McNabb QB

    Trailer Park Hose - Mark Sanchez QB

    Team Zawacki - Mark Clayton WR

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Miles Austin WR

    Lana Turner's Lover - John Carlson TE

    Pack Attack - Leon Washington RB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Eli Manning QB

    I miss Football - Fred Jackson RB

    TEAM X - Carson Palmer QB

    Ill Will - Kenny Britt WR

    Texas Teabaggers - Steve Breaston WR

    El Iguanodon - Willis McGahee RB

    Round 11

    El Iguanodon - Ted Ginn Jr. WR

    Texas Teabaggers - Zach Miller TE

    Ill Will - Kyle Orton QB

    TEAM X - Thomas Jones RB

    I miss Football - Julius Jones RB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Brandon Pettigrew TE

    Fallopian Swim Team via trade - Trent Edwards QB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Andre Brown RB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Laurence Maroney RB

    Team Zawacki - Joe Flacco QB

    Trailer Park Hose - Tim Hightower RB

    Fallopian Swim Team - Jerome Harrison RB

    Round 12

    Fallopian Swim Team - Torry Holt WR

    Trailer Park Hose - Danny Ware RB

    Team Zawacki - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Steve Smith WR

    Lana Turner's Lover - Laveraneus Coles WR

    Pack Attack - Domenik Hixon WR

    Hoosier Smurfs - Hines Ward WR

    I miss Football - Matt Leinart QB

    TEAM X - Donald Driver WR

    Ill Will - Martellus Bennett TE

    Texas Teabaggers - Brady Quinn QB

    El Iguanodon - Brent Celek TE

    Round 13

    El Iguanodon - Vernon Davis TE

    Texas Teabaggers - Earnest Graham RB

    Ill Will - Tashard Choice RB

    TEAM X - Chris Chambers WR

    I miss Football - Rashad Jennings RB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Brandon Jackson RB

    Pack Attack - David Garrard QB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Matt Hasselbeck QB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Glen Coffee RB

    Team Zawacki - Devin Thomas WR

    Trailer Park Hose - David Clowney WR

    Fallopian Swim Team - Jamal Lewis RB

    Round 14

    Fallopian Swim Team - Davone Bess WR

    Trailer Park Hose - Justin Forsett RB

    Team Zawacki - Bernard Scott RB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Josh Freeman QB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Chester Taylor RB

    Pack Attack - Kevin Boss TE

    Hoosier Smurfs - Limas Sweed WR

    I miss Football - Jared Cook TE

    TEAM X - Michael Jenkins WR

    Ill Will - Chaz Schilens WR

    Texas Teabaggers - Chris Henry WR

    El Iguanodon - Johnny Knox WR

    Round 15

    El Iguanodon - Mike Goodson RB

    Texas Teabaggers - Correll Buckhalter RB

    Ill Will - Kevin Curtis WR

    TEAM X - Visanthe Shiancoe TE

    I miss Football - Mike Walker WR

    Hoosier Smurfs - Austin Collie WR

    Pack Attack - Jason Campbell QB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Jordy Nelson WR

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Heath Miller TE

    Team Zawacki - Brandon Tate WR

    Trailer Park Hose - Michael Vick ??

    Fallopian Swim Team - Tony Scheffler TE

    Round 16

    Fallopian Swim Team - Plaxico Burress WR

    Trailer Park Hose - Deon Butler WR

    Team Zawacki - Jarret Dillard WR

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Chad Henne QB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Juaquin Iglesias WR

    Pack Attack - Sidney Rice WR

    Hoosier Smurfs - Baltimore Ravens D/ST

    I miss Football - New York Jets D/ST

    TEAM X - Nate Washington WR

    Ill Will - Arian Foster RB

    Texas Teabaggers - Pat White QB

    El Iguanodon - Gartrell Johnson RB

    Round 17

    El Iguanodon - Pierre Garcon WR

    Texas Teabaggers - JaMarcus Russell QB

    Ill Will - San Diego D/ST

    TEAM X - Kevin Jones RB

    I miss Football - Mohamed Massaquoi WR

    Hoosier Smurfs - Minnesota Vikings D/ST

    Pack Attack - Jermichael Finley TE

    Lana Turner's Lover - Ladell Betts RB

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Mark Bradley WR

    Team Zawacki - Robert Meachem WR

    Trailer Park Hose - Harry Douglas WR

    Fallopian Swim Team - Fred Taylor RB

    Round 18

    Fallopian Swim Team - Kevin Faulk RB

    Trailer Park Hose - Marcedes Lewis TE

    Team Zawacki - Chicago Bears D/ST

    Unemployed Sofa Kings - Javarris Williams RB

    Lana Turner's Lover - Philadelphia Eagles D/ST

    Pack Attack - Sammy Morris RB

    Hoosier Smurfs - Patrick Crayton WR

    I miss Football - Matt Jones WR

    TEAM X -

    Ill Will -

    Texas Teabaggers -

    El Iguanodon -

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