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  1. This one is the best!!! Funny, even though he doesn't mean to be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvvJO4OHNAI
  2. http://www.youtube.com/user/MartyBTV gotta love it
  3. Interesting. He's surely talented. Do you think he'll snag enough from my TE?
  4. Ssshhhh... Almost took him with one of my last picks.
  5. Fallopian Swim Team, 12.01 - Jerome Harrison, RB, Cleveland
  6. Fallopian Swim Team, 11.12 - Torry Holt, WR, Jacksonville
  7. Ok thanks. I sent you a PM with my top 3 choices for pick 11.07. Please only choose a player for me for that pick. Thanks again!
  8. Can someone tell Hoosier Smurf they're on deck? If we can get Kanter's and his in in the next 10 minutes, I can put mine in too. Otherwise, I'm outta here.
  9. I have pick 11.07 but will be gone for the evening. Is there someone I can send my pick to who will be on this evening?
  10. Round 10 Fallopian Swim Team - Donovan McNabb QB Trailer Park Hose - Mark Sanchez QB Team Zawacki - Mark Clayton WR Unemployed Sofa Kings - Miles Austin WR Lana Turner's Lover - John Carlson TE Pack Attack - Leon Washington RB Hoosier Smurfs - Eli Manning QB I miss Football - Fred Jackson RB TEAM X - Carson Palmer QB Ill Will - Kenny Britt WR Texas Teabaggers - Steve Breaston WR El Iguanodon - Willis McGahee RB Round 11 El Iguanodon - Ted Ginn Jr. WR Texas Teabaggers - Zach Miller TE Ill Will - TEAM X - I miss Football - Hoosier Smurfs - Fallopian Swim Team via trade -
  11. If you'd like, send me a PM of your top 7 picks and I'll post them for you if it gets to your back-to-back picks.
  12. Yeah, it is frustrating. That's for sure.
  13. I don't agree with that. Each team has 24 hours. I can understand how someone has a few minutes available in their day and they want to keep the draft going so they pick a player that they think is available. If this was closer to the season opener it would be different. But we're so far off now that I think we should wait the full 24 hours until the next team picks.
  14. I sent Hoosier a PM right after he drafted and the site showed that he was still signed on at that point. He must not have seen it, though, and signed off. Yeah, every few days or so it couldn't hurt to repost the draft recap.
  15. Here's what I have through Round 11 Round 1 1 El Iguanodon - Adrian Peterson RB 2 Texas Teabaggers - Matt Forte RB 3 Ill Will - Maurice Jones-Drew RB 4 TEAM X - Michael Turner RB 5 I miss Football - Chris Johnson RB 6 Hoosier Smurfs - Steven Jackson RB 7 Pack Attack - DeAngelo Williams RB 8 Lana Turner's Lover - Steve Slaton RB 9 Unemployed Sofa Kings - Larry Fitzgerald WR 10 Team Zawacki - Calvin Johnson WR 11 Trailer Park Hose - Andre Johnson WR 12 Fallopian Swim Team - Frank Gore RB Round 2 Fallopian Swim Team - Ronnie Brown RB Trailer Park Hose - Michael Crabtree WR Team
  16. James Davis was taken Pick #9.09 by Unemployed Sofa Kings. Hoosier Smurfs is still on the clock.
  17. It'd be great if we could get through a full round today!
  18. Fallopian Swim Team, 10.01 - Donovan McNabb, QB, Philadelphia Surprised to still see him here. Glad I didn't take a QB earlier.
  19. Ha, girlfriend makes it to #3. That's great! I love Fantasy/Sports and LOST is one of my favorite shows. I think my fiancée would skin me alive if she thought either of those two were in competition with her.
  20. Weak WRs? Here are their 2008 points in a Non-PPR: Roddy White - 183 Vincent Jackson - 159 Dwayne Bowe - 149 Lee Evans - 125 Santonio Holmes - 115 Not too far off of yours.
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