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  1. I can't get over how lame this post is. Wishing players injuries, dissing a team and then basically saying "please don't trash mine." Yikes. The fact is that I would probably rather draft all three of your WRs before the three of mine. I obviously have a different philosophy than you do. You're putting all your RB eggs in one basket, which is easier to do with the #1 overall than it is with the #12.
  2. What the hell? Where'd that come from? He was asking for opinions, and I gave mine. There are WAAAAAAY more WRs out there at this point than there are RBs. That's a fact.
  3. ... Just kidding, I don't get another player for another 11 picks, so I'm not sweating it.
  4. You know me, I probably would've taken another RB with that pick. With Chris Johnson as your only starter, you're going to have to strike gold with another RB to fill out your roster. That being said, I think Owens will give you at least two more years of solidity.
  5. Here's how this round will shake out, keeping the trade in mind: Round 9 El Iguanodon - Jamaal Charles RB Texas Teabaggers - Pittsburgh Steelers Defense Ill Will - TEAM X - I miss Football - Hoosier Smurfs - Pack Attack - Lana Turner's Lover - Unemployed Sofa Kings - Team Zawacki - Trailer Park Hose - Pack Attack via trade -
  6. Ah yeah, career-wise, he has a good shot to be the Giants #1 by 2011 for sure. Prob by 2010.
  7. I have him finishing as the 4th or 5th rookie WR. Harvin, Crabtree, someone else, and Nicks/someone else
  8. I'm thinking I should hold off on the evaluation for a bit. Glad Harvin fell to me. He was tops on my board, so I wasn't sure he'd last. I'm encouraged by all the excitement that's coming out of Minny about this kid.
  9. Fallopian Swim Team, 8.01 - Percy Harvin, WR, Minnesota
  10. i just got to the computer to enter in your LenDale pick. Looks like you beat me to it. Pack Attack asked me to pick for him, but didn't give me any options. Is his cell # on here somewhere?
  11. I'm going to be gone for awhile too. Feel free to text me after Pack Attack makes his 7.12 selection. And let me know the last few picks. 916.508.2665
  12. This is the list I put together yesterday when I was trying to keep track: Team names and Rotoworld IDs El Iguanodon - megamoviejohn Texas Teabaggers - USAFDave Ill Will - littleevilll TEAM X - Team Harville I miss Football - Kanter112186 Hoosier Smurfs - Hoosier Smurf Pack Attack - sportsguy21792 Lana Turner's Lover - Vanity is my insanity Unemployed Sofa Kings - mbs4 Team Zawacki - JaYz618 Trailer Park Hose - drater Fallopian Swim Team - knownothings
  13. Trailer Park Hose. He's the one I texted.
  14. I just sent a text to TPH. Hopefully his pick will come in soon.
  15. Q - "Who took the championship in your Dynasty League's first year?" A - "That guy" Hmmmm, I like it!
  16. Well, there's two picks that I'm looking at right now and a third one that I would also be fine with. I'm hoping one of them will fall to me at 8.01.
  17. USK must be trying to catch up on all the board chatter. Here's what I have for this round so far... Round 7 El Iguanodon - Matt Shaub QB Texas Teabaggers - Darren Sproles RB Ill Will - Kellen Winslow Jr TE TEAM X - Antonio Bryant WR I miss Football - Michael Bush RB Hoosier Smurfs - Jerricho Cotchery WR Fallopian Swim Team via trade - Cedric Benson RB Lana Turner's Lover - Tony Gonzalez TE Unemployed Sofa Kings - Team Zawacki - Trailer Park Hose - Pack Attack via trade -
  18. USK is here, so I'm sure he's going to pick soon. If someone wants to trade their pick for Gonzo, that would probably be the best way to handle it. But it's pretty unheard of to go back and swap picks.
  19. Yeah. But don't forget that Pack has my 7.12.
  20. Hopefully he won't be the kind of RB who is constantly injured (see: Westbrook). Injury issues already as a rookie. And this off season has seen him try to recover from issues with his Achilles. Were last year's injury inconsistencies an aboration, or something to bank on?...only time will tell.
  21. Yup. I've got a 47-year old I'm really looking at in 5 picks! Let's go!!
  22. Well I'm glad the draft isn't over yet. It's been my stradegy to find good veterans in the first few rounds to anchor my team with. The youth will be added later. Stewart is a backup on his team, or part of an RBBC at best. It was never an insult. I was merely pointing that out. As good as I do think Stewart is, I wouldn't feel comfortable picking him as my #1 RB. You pointed out his stats from last year. Not bad when you look at stats alone. But breaking it down week-by-week you can see how inconsistent he was. 1 50 yards 2 77 yards 2 TDs 3 15 yards 1 TD 4 52 yards 1 TD 5 80 yar
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