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  1. 3 outta 7 ain't bad. Hopefully I can make it 4 outta 8. Always nice to shoot for 50%. And I'm considering changing my team name to Asshat.
  2. You guys are hilarious! First I was laughing in shock at all the great picks you were leaving me by reaching for your "youth with upside." Now it's this blind defense of your teams. Almost like I've insulted your mama or something. Friggin' funny. At the end of the day, it'll be the records and championships that speak for themselves. I hardly ever have a losing season, and when it's happened it's been because my team caught a major injury bug. Otherwise, I'm always the favorite to win the league I'm in. I'm always more knowledgable as well as draft and trade savvy. Now that I've prom
  3. Hey, I calls it like I sees it. I've been pretty quiet up to now, but come on people. So many of you are drafting like Dynasty means you need to have the youngest roster. If this was a money league I know you guys would be drafting differently. There'd be more teams looking to win now as well as later. Not 3 years from now. Looking at the first 6.5 draft rounds, I have no doubt that, barring injuries, I'll be in the championship game. Anyone want to take some side bets? Aside from all the trash talk...I am glad I'm in this league. It's been great going back and forth with you guys...i
  4. Check the Carolina roster. I didn't call him a backup first. The Panthers coaches did.
  5. You know of course that this means war? I'll make sure Benson single-handedly beats you when we play! Huzzah!
  6. Like I've said before, it's my opinion that in this format, RBs are absolute gold. Not to be too defensive, but let's take a quick look at the 12 teams and their RBs... El Iguanodon = 2 starters, 1 backup Adrian Peterson RB, LeSean McCoy RB, Larry Johnson RB Texas Teabaggers = 2 starters, 1 RBBC, 1 backup Matt Forte RB, LaDainian Tomlinson RB, Derrick Ward RB, Darren Sproles RB Ill Will = 1 starter, 2 backups Maurice Jones-Drew RB, Shonn Greene RB, Felix Jones RB TEAM X = 2 starters, 1 RBBC Michael Turner RB, Brandon Jacobs RB, Reggie Bush RB I miss Football = 1 starter, 2 backups C
  7. His upside is better than most at this point. And I'd rather have him than anyone who's been picked since the Eddie Royal pick...though Larry Johnson would make me think twice. Seems like everyone here is more excited for backup rookies (admittedly with potential) than someone who's guaranteed to get the Lion's (or Bengal's, I should say) share of carries. I wasn't expecting this to be a popular trade and pick...but I am expecting this to be the right one.
  8. Fallopian Swim Team, 7.07 - Cedric Benson, RB, Cincinnati I love what I've been reading about Benson's offseason. And this article really put me over the top on this guy: UPSIDE His ADP is towards the bottom of the 6th round, which I think is a steal. Snagging Benson at 7.07 is complete thievery. He may have fallen to me at 7.12, but I didn't want to take that chance.
  9. Thanks Pack. And thanks to those who I was talking trade with. I feel like I had some better deals out there, but I didn't want to miss out on my chance to get my guy. Pick coming momentarily...
  10. I'll PM you. I already have one other offer...
  11. Hey guys. I'm interested in moving up in the 7th round. Anyone that still has a pick left in the 7th, let me know if you're interested in a trade. I'll make sure it's worth your while.
  12. Is your number around so we can text you when your pick comes? Or could you send a list to someone who has already picked this round with the players you want for your next two picks?
  13. Is this the same point that it was delayed previously?
  14. No...Chargers. I was trying to think of the most ridiculous name to mention here. Guess I could've gone with Akili Smith.
  15. You may be surprised. I was thinking of going Vernon Gholston. Would that be a good pick?
  16. I know what you mean. Before my last 2 picks I was going to select Hough and Royal. When it came my turn I typed in Lee Evans and Vincent Jackson. Who knows where I'll go next?
  17. Housh was the other WR along with Royal that I wanted with my last two picks.
  18. Glad I waited on WRs. To be honest, I almost took another RB here. If Rice was available, I wouldn't grabbed him. Thought I should do my best to even out my roster though.
  19. Great pick! That was one of the players I wanted. Almost took him.
  20. Fallopian Swim Team, 6.01 - Vincent Jackson, WR, San Diego
  21. There's four players I want here, and only two picks. Tough. That being said, I'll snag... Fallopian Swim Team, 5.12 - Lee Evans, WR, Buffalo
  22. Interesting. I probably won't take McCoy even if he drops to the 5th/6th round. My team has other needs. I'm not interested at this point in the backup to my #3 RB. With Westbrook I'm picking up incredible, difference making potential. With Witten I'm picking up nearly guaranteed bigtime weekly points. I wouldn't replace Witten with an unproven rookie backup.
  23. This is actually a tough pick for me. I'm going against my better judgement on this one. When he's on, he's the best in the league. And in my flex spot, I couldn't do much better than... Fallopian Swim Team, 4.01 - Brian Westbrook, RB, Philadelphia God, I hope he plays more than 13 games. You're up again TPH.
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