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  1. Run DMC, Darren McFadden.

    Good pick. Plenty of potential. Not one of the RBs I was considering at this spot though.

    I still have the three players on my list and two picks...hmmm.

    Well, the player that I was praying would fall to me is still here. So I'm glad for that...

    Fallopian Swim Team, 3.12 - Jason Witten, TE, Dallas

    I have Witten ranked so far ahead of any other TE, and many WRs. He's going to be huge in '09 and for the next few years to come!

  2. Mmmmm....tasty fantasty players. (*Homer Simpson drooling sound*).

    I bet someone checks in and expects the round to be finished with all our posting. Lol.

    Knownothings, RB-RB-RB-RB? Hey, if the value is there...

    In a non-PPR league, with QBs getting 4 pts per TD, the RB is KING! And with so many teams without an RB, or with only one, I'll be a prime target for trade talks. So bring it on!

  3. You must be salivating at your CPU right now, right? Haha.

    I have no idea what I'll do with my next pick, although two players stick out.

    No kidding. And I've got my top-3 available players ready to choose from. No waiting around for me. I hope TPH sticks it out after he makes his pick. 'Cause he'll be up again soon after.

  4. What 2 receivers do you think could have more receptions this year in SF? Josh Morgan and Vernon Davis?

    I was reading another thread on this forum where they did a draft like this last year and it's crazy the difference a year can make. They drafted LT, Addai, and Westbrook at 2,3,4.

    Yeah, I think it's possible that Morgan and Davis could end with more receptions. It's possible that Crabtree leads the WR corp right from the start, but I don't think I would make that pick with so many other WRs out there.

  5. Way too early, but pretty sure there was no way he made it back to me 22 picks later...the thought of rolling him for the rest of his NFL career was to great to overcome.

    I'm not expecting a stellar 1st season out of the TPH.

    Yeah, although I felt like I took a reach with R Brown, I have to say that I'm way surprised by this pick. Crabtree could end up 3rd in receptions, at least this year, in SF. I think in the first few rounds you gotta go future AND present. Who knows, I may be wrong.

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