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  1. This game is going to be a grinder. Low yardage, very low passing yardage, and TD variance between 3 rushers. The implied total for the Saints hasn’t changed much, and it doesn’t support a massive ceiling game for T. Hill.
  2. Not in ESPN. He is QB and on waivers, not tagged as FA.
  3. Between him and McFarland, even if they split, Snell has more value. Snell was carrying the ball inside the goalline more than Conner even with Conner healthy, not sure why all of a sudden he would lose this role. Maybe McFarland has more upside given his profile, but I guess if I am gambling with one RoS I would pick Snell.
  4. Can we stop taking the lazy way out by saying neither back-up as value and think critically? Some people have multiple players out with covid. What was an RB3 in 2019 is a solid RB2 over the next few weeks. Snell was fed week 1, McFarland might has some dark horse upside especially in PPR. Conner was a cancer survivor and they might be more precautious with his recovery, so the guy who ends up winning this might start for people in the playoffs.
  5. Rain means nothing. This has been analyzed over and over, unless it’s subzero rain or 30mph wind/gusts carry on normal.
  6. Do we think the handcuff to Brian Hill will be getting another bellcow workload?
  7. Yea I mean he also tried to catch a ball with his face, and Lockett was using his hands. So it makes sense to feed the guy who was good at catching the ball.
  8. Are we moving on to somebody with more upside now that all the RBs are healthy? He seems like he will still have reasonable flex value in PPR, and I'm assuming they rotate the backs a lot more than before. But then again, you think they will rotate then they continue to run one guy into the ground until he is on IR.
  9. For those of us who lost an actual TE1 (aka Kittle), are we keeping him and just buying into snap count/easing him in narrative? It is basically a giant heap of garbage on the waivers anyway, might as well have some upside and hope he becomes a top two option (and somehow the QB play becomes at least NFL level).
  10. Ugly how it happened, but the math checked out. Hasty being ranked ahead of McKinnon (by a decent margin in some rankings) was as bad as it seemed. Just such a gamble that the 49ers are going to be competitive enough to be able to run Hasty. Game projection (points/spread) and reading into the game splits with share count is the only way to project 49er running backs at this point. They are just way too garbage with Mullens under center.
  11. Well he just came off a game in which he received a 50% snap share, and in this game they figure to be passing even more.
  12. So your take is you can't figure anything out because of one outlier? He had bruised ribs and the 49ers likely downplayed the injury. McKinnon has been mostly the 3rd down guy and seeing around 20-30% snap share based on game flow when he isn't starting. If Hasty starts, then it'll probably be closer to 30% with Juice mixing in for a chunk. It is very unlikely he ever sees 60%+ again given his size and injury history even if he gets the start, even Mostert wasn't seeing more than 50%. Obviously, there is risk here but there is also upside of having 1 of 2 backs getting carries in this syst
  13. Is your league full of Grandmas who are Pats fans because their sons went to Boston College?
  14. Will NFL stat correct on that play when whistle blew too early then Wilson escaped that defender? It is currently ruled a sack I believe.
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