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  1. This isn't a knock on Dalton, because talent-wise, he's going to be in that Fitzpatrick/Bridgewater tier. Can have good games, MAYBE a great game, and total duds. But, after watching the game last night, I'm selling all Cowboys stock. Their OL is literally all second string guys. Dalton is going to have pressure every single drop-back. He could be fine sometimes, but I'm not going to risk it.
  2. People seem to group everyone together when there's a holdout or something. His situation wasn't him being a malcontent - it was security/money based. Look at Dak's situation or Earl Thomas a few years ago. That's why these guys holdout. But he wasn't a drama magnet like AB.
  3. Wondering about this, while irrelevant to his decision, if the Jets are paying his salary - is he taxed on NY state or by wherever he lives/plays, even if not on the Jets? I know the new team would determine his vet min or whatever.
  4. If you lost Dak (I did), I'd definitely go for Dalton. Lots of weapons and a terrible defense means lots of passing. Probably better than any other option on FA.
  5. At this point, it's just about finding guys who are in line to receive volume. Davis is. If you have the depth to withstand losing someone like CMC, I get it - but I'll take anyone who is going to get PT this week.
  6. Sometimes you have to overreact to get guys. Game 1 was an outlier. But game 2 was also an outlier. I imagine his true value is right in the middle.
  7. Yes - this. I don't see why it's so hard for people to grasp this. Trade values are ALWAYS going to be subjective to different owners. You use that knowledge to create an offer. If a guy has been burned by week 1 injury in the past, he might be more willing to give away Michael Thomas for a lesser name than usual. A guy may have watched the Giants and think that Saquon will be facing 8 man fronts all year, so they want to bail. Maybe in their mind they're "selling high" based on his name strength. If a team is 0-2, they tend to go into panic mode, and you can get some good trade offer
  8. Probably past your waivers now, but I'd say so. In .5 PPR - removing TDs since those can't be counted on -- he scored 10. I'll take that in a flex/RB3 spot every day. A lot of times, people will hang up on names when they should be focused on the system. Hines is a pass catching back playing with a QB who has loved check-downs his entire career with more playing time opening up due to injury. I spent 25% of it and got him. 50 may be too rich for my blood, but I would have gone up close to it.
  9. I wouldn't waste the #1 on a DST, especially after week 1. Remember they just played Cleveland. They have KC in week 3. Chances are you can get them after waivers clears if you really want them
  10. That's a heck of a knee-jerk reaction
  11. In full PPR, CMC is dang near untouchable. In just receptions alone last year, he scored the equivalent of 19TDs in a 1PPR league. That doesn't count anything rushing or any of his receiving yards or TDs. He was essentially two top-3 guys at one roster spot. I don't expect him to repeat it exactly, but even if he gets 75% of the way there, he's still the top player in fantasy. On paper, you traded an RB1 and a WR3-4 for an RB1 and a WR2. In reality, you traded an RB1, WR1, and WR3-4 for an unproven rookie and a WR2. CEH could play well (and should play well) and your team mig
  12. I think one of the things people overlook in auctions is to really pay attention to the league scoring/lineup settings and consider that in your bidding - it drastically swings player values. I'm in a 1PPR league -- so I went all in on McCaffrey at $72 (of $200). He had 116 receptions last year (the equivalent of 19TDs in receptions alone) 1005 receiving yards. Essentially, I bid 40% of my budget because I got an RB1 and a WR1 at one spot. My suggestion would be to get two QBs but dont nominate the guy you want. Nominate guys you know are going to get big money from other people,
  13. Obviously Goff isn't something I'd bank on, but I'll bet some of those QBs hit the market when guys start playing the market. RBs are good, WRs are good. Should be a pretty solid team, just play the wire.
  14. Looks solid to me. Solid everywhere with good RB depth on the bench. McCaffrey is a RB1 and a Standard WR2, so all good there.
  15. Yikes is one thing. But IMO the only thing veto worthy is if it seems like cheating. This doesn't seem like cheating to me. But again, rosters would help.
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