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  1. 22 minutes ago, dragonballz said:

    related to Bagley and of course Bjelica...


    Sources: Disagreement over Kings’ direction could lead to coach Dave Joerger’s dismissal 



    Interesting article and appreciate the update.  If that is the case and looking at tonight's game and previous, the Bjelica ride has been slowing down and appears to be coming to a halt. Time to move on if that is the case.

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  2. He's starting tonight and something to monitor.  If he blows up, it could possibly lead to additional starts at PF.  If he does well, he could keep the starting PF spot for ROS over an injury plague player in Chandler.  If he bombs, well back to the bench he goes.  I remember when Saric was prompted to starting PF two years ago and he ran with the starting spot. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, DoctorLove said:


    I hope you are right.  I just traded for him and brogdon (only gave Dwight and Shroder), and last night's game was concerning but can't expect him to perform at a high level every night, especially against Raps and Bucks.  


    Haven't watched him play much.  Does he attack the rim or is he more of a shooter?

    Definitely a shooter!  If he attacks, it doesn't happen often unless he's put into a match up advantage (smaller player).  He's pretty crafty and sneaky at times when he ends up under the basket for easy layups but his "bread and butter" is the 3PT shot and he can hit from anywhere along the 3PT line.   Surprisingly, he gets stocks for his size and it's not like he's a quick player.  Again, he's crafty and finds himself at the right place and time on the defensive end.  He needs to hit that 3PT shot as it opens up the floor for the rest of his teammates, especially for WCS.  Fox and Hield will find him, he just needs to connect like he did the past 2 weeks.

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  4. The past 2 games were against top 5 defensive teams in the Bucks and Raptors.  His match ups were Middleton and Siakam respectively and he obviously was put at a disadvantage, especially against the Raptors.  Now, next game up is against his former team in the Wolves (21st in defensive rating) followed by the Lakers (15th in defensive rating).  I expect a great game from him vs his former team in the Wolves and a decent game vs the Lakers who defensively, are lacking.  Let's see what happens.

  5. 1 minute ago, COBBLEPOT said:


    he’s going to lose touches 

    But Bogdanovic plays SG and that's where Hield is currently tearing it up. Even when Bogdanovic comes back, it doesn't mean he's going to take the most FGA when he's on the floor. Heck, with the way Hield is shooting the ball, Bogdanovic and his post-surgical knee may just come off the bench (barring an injury to a starter SG or SF).

  6. I'm in 2 deep leagues and made the move in both after game 3 vs OKC. Went with my gut before another GM could pick him up.  It's an opportunity for him to start on a new team and coach slotted him in as his starting PF to begin the season.  With the way the league is being played, a weapon like the 3PT shot Bjelica is using is doing wonders for WCS inside the paint. Not to mention they are winning so that gives nothing but confidence to Bjelica and the coaching staff.  He's not the most athletic big but if you watch the film, he seems to find himself in the right spots at the right time, hence the stocks.  Most of us are veterans when it comes to this fantasy basketball stuff so taking a risk and getting a leg up on other GMs in your league can pay dividends for your fantasy season. 

  7. 25 minutes ago, panthers93 said:

    Yeah, blowout too. He did all that in 24 minutes. 


    I don't know about winning formula, and it was against Atlanta, but they at least don't look like a joke this year. Bj, fox and hield all looked great tonight and, again, the coaching isn't a joke this year at the least. 


    We know how Sacramento management is. This team looks like it should win 30 games easily, so Bj might get more run ROS than the first week skeptics were expecting

    Well, we are talking about Sacramento here but the "winning formula" I was referring too was the current 5 game winning streak (3 on the road).  There's a lot more games to go and it's early in the season but you have to like what they got going right now.  To expect these types of stats from BJ ROS is not a pipe dream.

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