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  1. Just now, monkeysennin said:

    Len or Harrell have a better ROS outlook? Len hits them free throws. Loving Harrell’s FT% right now but don’t think he can maintain it.. Harrell is also better per minute beast than Len

    Harrell's situation appears to be on the better path (IMO).  Len, is definitely someone to keep an eye on but there are obvious question marks with the return of Dedmon (returning tomorrow) and consistency.  Len looks like he wants to hold onto that starting spot but time will definitely tell.  If he falters, Dedmon will be back to being a starter like he was last year.

  2. Man, I'm ALL IN with Harrell this year.  Whatever he did in the off season and the way the game has changed to a fast pace/transition game, you just can't help but like what you see going forward.  The ingredients are there for him to take all those PF/C minutes from Gortat and Boba.  The 9 total blocks so far this year is a surprise but so far, he's definitely an asset on my roster.  I dropped Lamb for him and held on to Josh Jackson (will be patient with JJ).

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  3. 7 minutes ago, crocp said:

    Worth a flier in a 14 teamer with collins out?


    what the outlook on this guy? seems pretty inconsistent


    He's definitely worth a flier but the question remains his role and minutes once Dedmon and Collins comes back.  Dedmon was supposed to be the starting center for the Hawks but it's possible Len has earned the right to keep his starting gig if he puts a streak together with some decent to amazing stats.  If that's the case, he'll fly off the FA wire in many deep leagues.  I know I'll be watching.

  4. 39 minutes ago, phatjonny2001 said:

    I'm wondering if this will be a trend for Tucker now that Ariza is gone.  Coach trusts him as you can see by the plethora of minutes.  There's a part of me who thinks I should drop Lamb for Tucker.  Since I live in Canada, I'll smoke a join and think about it!

    So I smoaked and picked up Tucker. I am enamored by all these minutes at multiple positions and now that Ariza is gone, I'm IN! He could be one of those waiver wire gems this year and a definite asset in your util spot.  Coach trusts primarily for his defense but his ability to spread the floor with the 3 point shot is a bonus. 

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  5. I'm not even sweating it, one game in against a tough Celtics team.  Foul trouble was definitely his issue tonight and he just couldn't knock down his 3s. He's a tough dude and the effort was there just like last year.  For me, he contributed to my championship run so I'm definitely going to be patient.



  6. 24 minutes ago, Jon35 said:

    What do you think about Portis compare to Willy Cauley-Stein or Sabonis?

    WCS is now entering his 4th year and you can only assume he's going to improve on his numbers.  Problem is, I'm just not sold on him yet and his lack of blocks is such a turn off but he's their starting center.  Sabonis on the other hand may continue to be serviceable like he was last year, however, I would take WCS over Sabonis.  As for Portis, I still give the advantage to Portis because of his ability to stroke the 3 and got to love the stocks!  He looks so live this pre-season and I will welcome 2 months of stats while Markannen is out.

  7. Agreed with the posters who say Covington doesn't need the ball in his hands and is undervalued this year.  Remember, coach trusts him as a primary defender vs guards and forwards so he will definitely see time on the floor and in crunch time.  Covington came through for me last year in winning my 18 Team H2H League during the fantasy playoffs so I will look to acquire him once again.  I won't reach but will hope he's available in mid-later rounds.

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  8. Hello Rotoworld fam,


    Well, I have a dilemma with my final week roster.  I'm trying to decide on whether or play Saric or Chriss.


    Dario Saric - 6 games but is now not playing Tuesday vs Brooklyn.  Leaves him with a potential of 5 games.

    Marquese Chriss - 4 games


    Problem is, I don' t know how bad this arm infection Saric is dealing with.  So he's out for the Brooklyn game and Philly is in a back to back scenario.  Their next game is the next evening vs Detroit.  He is due for re-evaluation on Tuesday and I have no idea if he will miss additional games.  I guess I'm at the mercy of the Philly media on his updated status.  As for Chriss, he only has 4 games on tap in the final week and he's been playing well enough to roster and activate. 




    Thank you.

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