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  1. Tell you what though, Aaron Jones is a 1/2 round talent, as is (was?) Sanders. The data in this graph debunks the notion Dobbins doesn't get volume based on LJax - he gets the same or more volume as other high ranked RBs. Great chart.
  2. Siriani was OC in Indy. Throughout the season the season JT would get 7 runs in the first quarter, then disappear until the start of the 4th. Sounds hyperbolic, but look it up. Reich came out and admitted he planned the first 15 plans (meaning he planned on JT), then OC takes overs from there. That means Siriani was the one benching JT for Hines and Wilkins. I'm not saying the coaching was wise or stupid, just unpredictable. Now in Philly, and with a potential cadre of backs with various skill sets, Sanders appears less likely to get a workhorse - or even clearly defined - role at least
  3. Sarinni (?) will be interesting. As a JT owner, Reich constantly blamed the OC and staff for taking JT out. A lot of volatility now with Eagles RBS, esp. Sanders.
  4. Probably going to be a rocky start. Firing Ped. suggests they like Wentz (or know they are stuck with his contract). They'd need a QB whisperer to turn Wentz around. Consequently, expect Sanders to start slow. I agree he's a buy low, because he could blow up once they fix/move on from Wentz. Additionally, if Derek Henry can work on his pass catching, every reason to think Sander will be better in that area too. Value seems low with him missing week 17, firing ped., a lot of disfunction right now, but they have a ton of weapons. Fingers crossed they invest in O-line.
  5. Finley threw the ball 13 times (!) last night, another sign the whole plan was to attack the steelers run D suggesting the truth of their weakness is out.
  6. Yea, into 4th quarter, and dunno what’s up w Steelers D, but JT stock 📈 for finals
  7. Tonight's game should be interesting. Pitt D hasn't been the same since losing line backers and already weren't great against the run. One LB might be back next week, but considering cincy can't do anything except run (and not well) it will be telling how this depleted line backing core handles the run game as a forecast for next week. If any Cincy RB gets 60 yards this week (a tall task), managers shouldn't be scared next week..
  8. Hey @herschel, 3.8 ypc today and no homeruns. Still better than Lockett. #justsayin I hope your semi finals worked out. Sanders had an okay day, hopefully he didn’t kill any line ups.
  9. Had to go back and check where this thread went south. This was the error, as it started with you saying he’s got nearly 6 ypc, I said look closer before you gloss over, and you got defensive. I’ll gladly take his home runs, but he’s still boom bust. No need to get snide about it.
  10. Really confused, I’m trying to make the case sanders should be played over Lockett, now everyone’s throwing free candy van memes? My point is you take the good with the bad with sanders and play him. He’s not going to actually get 5.7 yards per tote if you watch the game, but he’s as likely as any of the best to bust a 40+yard td, so you play him. Lotta grinches in here today.
  11. Got to dig down on those stats Herschel my man. Lot of 2 yard runs. I think he had something like 115 yards vs saints, and one 70 yard run on appx 14 rushes. (115-70)/(14-1)=~3.3, which is not great. But, again, he’s not nick Chubb, he’s Tyler locket at RB but with more chances. That’s all good with me.
  12. It’s pretty evident this is what this guy is: he averages around 3 ypc, which isn’t good, but he’s a homerun threat. He’s 2019 Stefon diggs at RB. He essentially is Tyler locket. The difference is you know he’s getting the ball, where as last year diggs or this year Lockett might get 4 targets. I’d definitely lean sanders, but yea he might bust w 45 total yards. Opportunity is king and he simply has more. The opportunities also got better with Hurts needing to be accounted for. Wilson loves Metcalf, and penny back, they will run more. Homerun threat for sure but again give me more chan
  13. I think each of Gus's TDs were from 10+ yards out. Dobbins was in when Ravens within the 10 when I watched. I don't have the data to back up the claim though.
  14. Ripped Kenyan drake and Johnathon Taylor for most of the season, but they pushed me into second round of playoffs. Sat miles sanders last week, but now he’s waiting in the tall grass, along w dobbins. It’s almost unfair.
  15. When the alternatives are jk dobbins, Miles sanders, or Kenyan drake, the answer is quite possibly
  16. How are we feeling about using drake this week fellas. Giants D looks improved, but Carson has himself a day last week if I recall.
  17. Isn't this what's already happening? Just saying I don't see a big change in usage coming - sincerely hope I'm wrong. Really seems like for JT to return big value owners need Indy to get up on LV and then Reich/staff seem comfortable giving the ball to JT in a run the clock out scenario. Could happen, based on what occur with Jets last week. Unfortunately, like many poor souls visiting this thread, JT's the best of a handful of bad options this season needed at the most important time. Giddy up!
  18. [...] CLE D looks good this year according to stats, getting healthy, so not a great match up, but man Dobbins looked good on limited carries when there was room. He got optioned into a defender once or twice, or his blockers missed blocks, but he was a seriously smooth runner with a whole lot of burst. Ingram looked ... not good. Even shaving off a few carries from Ingram/Edwards (or Hill - WTF?) to give to Dobbins puts him in the 15 carries ranges which is alright by me to get into lineups.
  19. "I know I've sucked lately, so they aren't playing me" awesome. Have to assume this means he knows he's getting a reduced workload at least in the short term until he proves he's improved. Obvious sit next week, too bad 🙄
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