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  1. Honestly I’d be more concerned with the guy who says “I’m sticking w miles sanders one more week against the Saints and sitting Taylor.” Not tryna be insulting, just saying it’s the right choice.
  2. I don’t like this but agree entirely. Nothing to suggest anything has changed. There was a stretch of time during halfway through the first and much of the second when he didn’t touch the ball.
  3. and, speaking of match-up dependent, what that on the horizon? Why, it's none other than week 14 @ Saints! 🙄😫
  4. Yes, without hesitation. but be warned you may anger the fantasy football gods who believe wholeheartedly in Karma.
  5. It’s an acceptable call, but I’d feel well less than ok about it. Good luck though 🤞
  6. Up 21 points w Steelers D, playing against Big Ben. Let’s go Steelers run game!!!
  7. The problem is it appears to be less 'one of those days' and more of a multi-week trend. Blame Sanders, blame Wentz, blame the line, blame Pederson, any way you dice it: without big changes this guy will be really tough to start in week 14, even with the dearth of quality RBs. Literally becoming a touch decision to play this guy over Drake or any other mid-range timeshare RB.
  8. Sanders is like that race car in classic cartoons that leads the pack at the start but pieces are falling off in chunks as it nears the finish line. 🙄🙄
  9. Was down 4 points. Opponent has Big Ben. I have Lockett, sanders, Goedert and Steelers dst. Somehow, this is looking terrible poor going forward.
  10. very hard to understand this statement. I need to see more work, but that playoff schedule is TASTY. Here's hoping he can keep momentum 🤞
  11. yea don't forgot short week and vs. Pitt. However, who's really better that might be available on the wire?
  12. Seems like that would be silly. ATL has no chance in NFC south, why rush back a guy who is likely the cornerstone of your office next few years. If he passes pre-game warm up, he's not likely a decoy. Always risk of re-injury, but I think you have to play him if he plays.
  13. Ok ok he’s no rb1, but drake has looked pretty good tonight.
  14. short week, murray taking GL work, splitting time with Edmonds, tough SEA run D. I'd lean Claypool first, then go Ballage (which is crazy).
  15. you say Jordan Howard 2.0 like a bad thing - better than Kenyan Drake rn 🤷‍♂️
  16. never seen more cerebral discussion in these threads than about those four or five steps 🤔😂
  17. TBH looks just like all my shares of Jonathon Taylor, except he actually gets the ball. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Fantasypros blurb says he’s on pace to beat randy moss’s rookie season. Not a fan of “on pace to...” but week 10 a pretty far along. Looking like a future stud.
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