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  1. Soon? It’s week 10, I’d think they would have figured it out by now?
  2. No, not they don't. The forums are dramatically more helpful than the "experts".
  3. Blocking was trash last year too. They all returned, since Zona didn’t upgrade the line at all, which is why run blocking is still trash.
  4. So, 50-75 yards, .25 td/per game. Meaning RB 2/3 unless and until Kyler gets popped and stops running - which probably won't happen based on his elusiveness. Bust, and it's too bad because he might not actually be a poor skill player.
  5. Eh history shows players go through more rigorous warm ups, so while reinjuries do occur, they, I agree this is a good sign. They’ll at least let him test it out.
  6. TBH I don't recall care who is the better runner, but this is currently a complete value drain. If Edmonds can carve out more of a role, or if they change the offense because Drake is out to benefit Edmonds, it's all gravy for me. I'm not sure Drake was starting to turn a corner; he looked good against Dallas FBS level defense, but how did he look against Seattle? Awful, like we all expected.
  7. I have both but seriously hope this happens. Drake has been garbage this year but for Dallas. He simply looks lost with no vision behind the line and slow. It truly is eerie how similar he looks to DJ last year.
  8. Isn't that exactly what everyone thought they were getting when the drafted Drake in the first place?? Low RB1 numbers from a timeshare? It's what I thought I was getting anyways? 🤷‍♂️🙄
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