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  1. Regularly visit Vent and Rant so had to update here: mark andrews on bye, so I planned to stream Jimmy Graham, dropped him 8:05PM for Gerald Everett, ended up winning my week by 1.2 points. Had a 4 pack wager riding on this week too, so I'm running my cyber victory lap!!!
  2. Here's hoping for a thorough, proper, conservative, and ultimately lengthy recovery time.
  3. Somebody asked earlier about drake on routes. I’ve seen him at least twice tonight be open underneither near a sidelines, but Kyler only looking downfield for home runs. Otherwise, there’s options runs: Kyler keeps if there’s room, if not he hands to drake to run into a wall. Seriously considering dropping in my 10 team league.....
  4. I wonder who was covering DJ last week? I think bears use shadow coverage, so of attention was shifted away from DJ that’s doesn’t bode well for Woods, only Kupp.
  5. My thoughts exactly, a worse DST only helps our guy with increasingly negative game scripts.
  6. Except the bench on 3rd & 5 and, more importantly, 1st & goal
  7. ok so no one actually has any real evidence Goedert is coming back this week? [...]
  8. correct, but at the time not. Not trying to disagree, just trying to dig deep on the YPC, but @Gohawks had some good stats to support the position that SEA has a good run D.
  9. Yes. His Hammy was a "minor" injury that kept him out for three weeks of practice and a game. Maybe not "lie" but certainly under-report on the severity.
  10. Please I need Bell to turn into a RB2!!!🙏😭💀🤞
  11. I did, torrential rain, looked like everyone was covered in olive oil. Complete anomaly game.
  12. I trust your opinion has a seahawks homer, but I offer the followng: MIA was/is a mess with Gaskin, Brieda and Howard all spliting carries; Dallas got down big and had a number of injuries, forced to air it out; Newton ran a bunch that game and Michel is a total dud anyways, but again, cycling in several runners; Gurley did get bottled up, but another game where they had to air it out - pretty sure Brian Hill factored alot into that game. I do agree that Drake could have another 5 point game, but I see that more of game script rather than Seattle Defense. Game script could also favor AR
  13. He does have Seattle next week, not Dallas but a good match up?
  14. Lost by less than 1 point. Sat jefferson and drake for Lindsay.
  15. Really need Drake or Edmonds to separate from one another so my 2nd round pick isn’t entirely wasted 😫
  16. Still might be, whenever the return does occur. Could really use it this week though.
  17. RW staff say Eagles "expected" to get Goedert back this week with Ertz headed for IR. Seems only like staff speculation though
  18. This guy literally ripped off two home runs, one against each of the toughest run Ds in the league. I stand corrected, eating crow, maybe you can count on him taking to the house once a week?? Here’s hoping the injury is minor.
  19. Sanders no rd and hurt taylor no td great stats reich hates him sat Jefferson for Lindsay its going great
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