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  1. Hope so, think he’s going in over Drake for me.
  2. 🙄 the point is when a good player is playing a great defense you cannot expect them to bust a 75 yard TD run unless it’s like Kamara. All I’m saying is to temper expectation. Davante Adams and Mike Williams both finish w 125 yards and 2 weeks in any even given - who do you want? Adams because his plays are consistent, where as Williams is “lucky”. Is sanders great? Yes, not the question - he has a crap Oline and playing a good defense so “anticipating” 15 points seems like a set up for a let down.
  3. I don’t understand this logic. He got lucky on a 75 td run. Otherwise he had like 10 carries for 5 yards. I’m not taking Sanders out of my line up, but a 6 point day wouldn’t surprise me either. Should be easier sledding going forward.
  4. On what basis? He signed a one year deal to get water for CEH?
  5. Listen this guy was drafted as an RB2/3. Can't tell me him landing in a high powered offense with handful of targets and a handful of carries is somehow worse than him getting 15 carries with the Jets. Anything more is a cherry. KC obviously the best from that perspective, followed by Chi. Mia maybe, but tough run D schedule going forward but for a handful. Anyone who saw that video with him and Chris Jones try and tell me he's not going to KC.
  6. So, conspiracy theory, @SharkSwimmer is really Adam Gase (😱!!) and the only reason he cut Bell is to look good in these Forums, but now that it's backfired he's smearing Bell in the Forums. Get back to coaching, coach!! Kidding Shark, I like your analysis ... most of the time ...... 😂
  7. My first place team and second place in points is playing 3rd place team 1st in points. My starting line up of Miles Sanders, Johnathon Taylor, Kenyan Drake, Tyler Lockett 35 + 79 1 catch + 76 2 catches, 39 2 catches for a total of 229/5/0 🤬🤯. Also, Davante Adams out tonight too now.
  8. FWIW I'm debating between Rodgers, Big Ben, Stafford or streaming Hebert. I like Stafford more than Rodgers or Ben specifically because of the lack of run game in Det., but Hebert presents the unknown. If Devante Adams practices today and gets on track, might change the story. Tough to guess who is going to pop off for low end QB1 stats.
  9. Seriously try this: Zeke, Kamara, Henry, then who? Cook has question marks, so does Mixon although I think Mixon can turn it around. I have Drake and Sanders shares, and its close with Sanders right now, but he's right in that 5-10 range. To be fair I'd strongly consider trading him for CMC this year even with the injury depending on record.
  10. These are great, but I wonder what his low-lights look like this year? Weird I know, but I think he had 8 receptions on 13 targets and he fumbled a punt. Were the other 5 near misses, bad throws, defend balls? They went right back to him after the fumble. This dude looks seriously electric.
  11. Is Ben going to be slinging post-injury? I want to avoid a GB run-first scenario. That one report on velocity is from about 2 weeks ago, and I've only seen positive updates since. Does 2 weeks really make a difference? Sounds like a Ben question, but I drafted DJ.
  12. Do you have a citation for Campbell securing the No. 2 role? I'd love to get the number 2 in this offense, just can't decide if it's Pittman or Campbell. These guys both have traits Rivers loves, but it all depends on what "experts" you listen to.
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