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  1. He’s a must start this week. Houston is awful at stopping passes and this guy is the default #1. He’ll get plenty of looks.
  2. I didn’t trust him enough to start this week and he came though with his best game of the season. Without Evans and Godwin, I can’t see starting him, even in a great matchup. Do we really expect Brate, Howard and Perriman to support 300+ yards and 3 TDs to offset his 2+ picks? If you have someone like Tannehill, I’d sit Winston in the championship. Obviously if you have no decent options, take the wild ride one last time.
  3. Well he answered the question of whether or not we had to worry about him sitting out at the end of a lost season. Saved his best game of the season for week 15 against a tough opponent.
  4. You’re crazy to start over Ridley. Anderson is boom or bust. He may have a good game or Crowder may return to being the lead receiver this week, as he did the first game against Miami.
  5. Starting with little confidence. He went off against Miami the first time. Hopefully things play out similarly.
  6. I’m planning on starting Foles over Winston.
  7. No doubt Chubb. He’s still the main back whereas Ekeler isn’t.
  8. Adams, Golladay, and Brown. Doubt Fuller plays.
  9. Which guy do I start in PPR? I’m thinking Hines. Scarborough is @DC, Williams and Hines are @HOU, and Jamaal Williams is @SF.
  10. Can’t go wrong with Atlanta or Oakland. I’m starting Atlanta because I’m also starting Winston.
  11. Exactly. You have to only use week 1 and 6 through present.
  12. I don’t like it. I’m starting Hines over Williams this week.
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