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  1. Round 3 1. '99 St. Louis Rams - Keyshawn Martin WR HOU 2. El Iguanodon - Chris Givens WR STL 3. TDs N' Beer - Chandler Jones DE NE 4. Fatal Exception - Bernard Pierce RB BAL 5. KTOWNRACER - Dwayne Allen TE IND 6. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Pack Attack) - Quinton Coples DE NYJ 7. Kyzer - Nick Perry LB GB 8. The Lucky Ducks - Mohamed Sanu WR CIN 9. Abusement Park - Bobby Wagner LBSEA 10. Fatal Exception (from SoulCrusher) - AJ Jenkins WR SF 11. Bilbo Baggin Ballers - Ladarius Green TE SD 12. Harbaugh Warriors - OTC 13. CdnFan 14. Lil Bishes
  2. Managers are already trading their FA picks. Where can we find what the order is for our FA picks?
  3. 1.02 Doug Martin *Booyah!* Can I pick him up off the waiver now or do I need permission from commish? Also are we having a waiver draft?
  4. Wassup everyones! We started the draft already? 1.02 - Doug Martin *Schwing!*
  5. When you rolled down the window for the first time, it didn't shatter into little pieces Okay I'm being mean. Get well Mathews, you paper thin sonofabiscuit
  6. Oh you're goin for the gold. Little too steep for me I'll have to pass. That Mathews trade is looking mighty sweet now, huh? Before this workhorse can explode for a gazillion yards, he has to hold up after one carry. Geez!
  7. Trent or Doug, I'm happy either way. ANYTHING's better than the Clusterjob going on in Washington. Shanahannigans
  8. I had 2 WRs on the same team with Nicks. That bothered me, but not anymore. I really like what's available at the top for the rookie draft this season, so I think this was a fair trade. Sorry fontaine
  9. fontaine, If Benji doesn't respond in the next 2 hours, it's a deal. Fair enough?
  10. Sounds good to me. What did you have in mind? I can barely remember what players I had on my team though... Whats your team name? Bilbo Baggin Ballers
  11. Sounds good to me. What did you have in mind? I can barely remember what players I had on my team though...
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