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    FF, duh!
    Putting weird crap in
    Dwight's coffee maker
    Counting M&M's in Kevin's
    Candy Jar. Always 1 or 2.

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About Me

I was introduced to Fantasy Football in 2009 and fell in love. Been crazy about this timekilling past-time ever since. I love to compete, but I think it's the smack talk I enjoy more than anything else. When a good rivalry comes along, it makes the games more entertaining when you can call someone a Jackwagon or Taintslurper the next day. I love to scream at my TV and throw tantrums. Call it passion for the game, and no I'm not reliving my glory years through this. I played recreationally with the neighborhood kids with no NFL aspirations and flights of grandeur to be like Rice. Like Rice? (hum to the song "Like Mike" ) Like Rice. If I could be like Rice.

I like to look at myself as a part-time writer, but have had limited success in that. Will keep pushing forward on and go with another topic other than fantasy football. As you can tell from my sporadic posts throughout Rotoworld, I don't take this game too seriously. I do have my moments of debate, reflection, and good discussion, but that's sprinkled betwixt all the cracks and shennanigans (or as we call it in the FF world "Shannahanigans").

My favorite NFL player is Larry Fitzgerald because if of his character and deeds off the field. A real humanitarian that guy.

My least favorite is Hanesworth for reasons that are too obvious. Hey, TO was a major headache and blowhard, but when he made his way to the turf, he performed. Hanesworth didn't do didley on and off the field while getting paid ridiculous trash bags full of cash.

Well, hope to hear from you soon on the boards. If I offended you, you've probably taken me waaaaaay too serious. Have a good season and remember to have fun with it!

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