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  1. You keep saying that and yet players keep lining up to get upset at the Astros and your precious Red Sox. Its almost like you're trying to convince yourself cheating is no big deal. Just because your Sox and Patriots constantly get caught cheating doesn't mean everyone else does.
  2. He sure seemed concerned that he get that "sticker" off the ground and in to his back pocket. I'm sure every piece of trash blowing around on the field Chirinos pops up and chases around because he's really just concerned about the environment, right?
  3. Could you describe what you believe is happening in this video? Just because MLB wanted to minimize the Astros' cheating doesn't magically make it all go away. I can't believe how many Astros apologists are so desperate to rationalize their team cheating they've decided to abandon logic and just pretend they're blind.
  4. Why didn't they see King's left hand holding Diggs' arm the entire time? Incredibly bad officiating once again favors GB... such an odd coincidence they always get calls in their favor.
  5. Chris and Daryl laughing about all the bad calls favoring Green Bay. Oh look, another weak holding call against the Vikings.
  6. Wut? Should be either a 1 point or 4 point game at this point if not for phantom calls and a missed FG. Are we watching the same game?
  7. That's generous. It was a blown call, even Dean Blandino couldn't pretend that was legit. The NFL just making it up as they go.
  8. A lot of dashoe's posts are starting to make more sense now. Defaulting to "I will believe whatever the player says" is probably not a real wise way to look at these situations. Ray and his fall guys killed 2 guys that night by the way. Baltimore was so proud of him they built a statue for him. Must be a fantastic city!
  9. I read them, and you left out the victim's version which is what lead people to the conclusion you're taking his side which I've tried explaining to you a few times here. If you don't want to accept her story fine, but don't act shocked when people point that out.
  10. "Facts" according to Kareem Hunt.... which shockingly gives him an excuse as to why he attacked a woman. You aren't that naive, are you?
  11. When you leave out the victim's version of events and state the attacker's version as fact, it seems like you're defending the guy who attacked a woman.
  12. How dare you use stats to question the expert opinion of Gohawks! In all seriousness though, that was probably the first year he'd ever watched football since it was the first time Seattle was relevant, so you have to forgive him if he doesn't understand why the Seahawks were good that year.
  13. I thought you just said that great QBs are more important than horrible defenses? Now you're disputing the NFL's findings on Bountygate too?
  14. Why do you keep saying Keenum is a career backup? He's in his fifth season now and he's literally started games in every single season, albeit for an awful Houston Texans team and an awful Rams team. Do you just like to make things up to support your positions or did you genuinely not know about him and just keep speaking out of ignorance? Side note: Drew Brees is a career 6-5 in the playoffs including his 3-0 gift season when the NFL decided to hand the Saints a Super Bowl and ignore the fact their defense was intentionally trying to injure players after the whistle. Not sure wher
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