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  1. Yeah, he's got about half a block a game more than he usually gets (.3 last season to .7 bpg this season) and that along with his extremely efficient FT% so far (90%) has given him a little boost in the rankings.
  2. Foul trouble against TOR and played against Bam last game, which is a tough matchup. There's no reason to panic at the moment.
  3. It's getting a lot harder to hold on to him...I got him in a couple of 12 teamers and I'm thinking he's only a CWood handcuff at this point. If I need a streaming spot he'll be the next person to go for me this week.
  4. All of these Debbie downers in this thread...man, just appreciate that the dude is fully healthy! He can't control someone elbowing him in his face or COVID protocols. Ride the wave baby! Ride the wave!
  5. Dipo and Wall are learning to gel together. And the team is learning to gel together. As they study film they'll see where they need to improve. Give it time.
  6. He's only shooting 1.5% worse from the field this season than he did last season and he's ranked 9 spots higher in 9-cat. If he ever gets his shot selection under control, he's going to be a top 20 player.
  7. I'm not selling where I have him. I know there's risk involved, but most of us probably drafted him in the late rounds anyway so that risk is mitigated. If he starts to get 20+ minutes, and gets anywhere near 25 mpg, he's going to be a late round steal. His per-minute numbers are juicy.
  8. You have to come to terms with the fact that Boogie is not and will not ever be the focal point of a team again. He's past his prime, had two major leg injuries in the past three years, and hasn't played NBA ball in two years. It's clear that he still has the talent, and he wants to show that, but his time as "the guy" is over. EDIT: I will say that this recent exposition he's put on has likely earned him more minutes, hopefully alongside CWood. The coach has come out and said the same thing: Rockets head coach Stephen Silas wants to make sure DeMarcus Cousins gets more minute
  9. What's with the Josh Lloyd hate? He's just giving his opinion. If you disagree with him, cool. There's no need to crap on him though. Everybody gives bad takes. EDIT: To stay on topic, Capela's FT% isn't that drastic to the point where you need to trade him if you're not punting FT%. I have him in a balanced 9-cat build and my teams FT% on the year is 80%, good for 4th overall out of 12 teams. If you want to sell him for a top 30 player, by all means go for it. But Capela put up 2nd round value (9-cat) back in Houston when he was healthy so if you're a believer that he can stay hea
  10. Man, they are treating Garland and Sexton with kid gloves. Two full practices in a row, they go through shootaround, and they're still GTD.
  11. I think the minutes had more to do with the game being a blow out.
  12. There are more than enough minutes to go around for Bazley and Roby to be relevant in fantasy once the Thunder give up on the Horford experiment.
  13. I mean, he finished at a 3rd round value last season in 9-cat. That's where he was drafted this season, and I'm not sure where people thought he would grow. This is who he is. His shot selection is terrible so his fg% will always be a drain but as long as he keeps giving you those guard stats it's all gravy.
  14. He's good for a stream today and maybe the next game but that's about it.
  15. If Simmons goes to Houston he's starting alongside Wall. There's no way Maxey starts over either of them.
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