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  1. If AP is out, then Kerwynn has flex potential, straight up I would take Theo.
  2. Yeah, I like your team. Rodgers is great at QB and I would play Woods at flex...going against a depleted Seattle secondary. Gordon is a great play at WR, because he provides huge upside and his work rate keeps increasing.
  3. I would start Burkhead in flex, due to his heavy involvement in redzone opps and I would pick up Tyrod over Flacco.
  4. TE - I really like James. I like the way Pit has been using him and the way Big Ben is slingin' it, and looking for James, against a weak Pats secondary...a lot to like. WR - I like Sanu, just because of the way he gets used in the red zone RB - Collins looked great against the Steelers. He was running and moving so well...go with Collins. DST - I like the Lions too. Going against a rookie QB who has failed to put up points consistently. thanks for the help with mine.
  5. Hopkins - always start studs Hill - I'm staying away from Evans and Hill has a decent match-up and should have some opportunities to exploit his speed http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688476-start-brees-or-rodgers-100-whir/
  6. Hyde...you know he is going to get carries and has a good match-up, so in the flex spot you want to see points, and you are going to get points from Hyde. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688476-start-brees-or-rodgers-100-whir/
  7. I would go JuJu and here is why...Evans is an elite talent, but just can't be trusted, is getting poor QB play and Tampa just seems to have checked out. JuJu has a great match-up, going against a weak Pats secondary. Look to see Gilmore shadow Brown, Bryant probably seeing more Butler and JuJu free to exploit match-ups.
  8. Rodgers. He is back, Packers still in the playoff hunt and should come out slingin' since Pack don't have a running game. Dak has been way too inconsistent with Zeke out and you know Rodgers is going to throw.
  9. Jones, he has a good match-up and should rebound from last week, and Gordon...such a huge ceiling and Cle keeps providing him with huge volume and he is a HUGE talent. Thanks for the help with mine
  10. Who should I start, Brees or Rodgers? It's the 2nd week of the playoffs, I have a 10 point lead, Rodgers faces Carolina and Brees faces NYJ... Brees vs NYJ Rodgers vs Carolina 100% WHIR, leave link!
  11. Shepard and Thielan. Dallas has a decent secondary. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684346-who-to-start-100-whir/
  12. Yeah, I would do it. You win that trade. Thanks for help with mine!
  13. I wouldn't. Bell is the stud you want to ride the ROS.
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