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  1. Yahoo shows him eligible for 2b!
  2. Luck comes into play with injuries. Rarely are you going to win a competitive league if you have bad luck with injuries to key players. Skill comes in having the ability to draft well, knowing who you can wait on and who you cannot. Also comes in making in-season transactions and not making shortsighted moves that hurt your team for the season.
  3. Ugh, dude's mashing in October. Still done as a keeper though, right? LOL
  4. I know it's dumb to keep short relievers, but I am seriously thinking of keeping him for next year.
  5. Not surprising what's happening now. Growing pains. I was looking at his FG batted ball log, it's pretty depressing lol.
  6. Very fortunate Stanton didn't get hurt. 4 hits. That's a lot of running.
  7. Maybe he figured something out but he looks like a low average guy who can hit the ball a long way. Lefty Adam Duvall.
  8. Well at least if he doesn't put the ball in play, there's a less chance of a leg injury.
  9. Who is this DJ Stewart guy? Legit prospect? Picked him up. Was gonna stream him then chickened out... 3 for 3 with homer vs. a lefty!
  10. Youtube streamed the game for free today. He was clearly in command. Froze several guys with that cutter. DET hitters had no clue what to do. Wouldn't have mattered who was at the plate today.
  11. Gave up a triple off the top of the walk but got out of it. I was kinda thinking he had a chance for a no hitter. Didn't wanna say it obviously. Looking great again. They were saying big diff this year is that he's able to locate the ball both sides of the plate. The cutter's been another huge weapon.
  12. Miggy almost got one to the warning track. Only DET hitter to get the ball out of the IF so far I think.
  13. One ball out of IF for Burnes so far. Lazy fly from Miggy. He's got them off balance. Not one good swing in there.
  14. CS letting Boyd off the hook over here. 3 straight doubles but only 1 run. Burnes let's go! Keeper? Impressive first inning. Pitches darting around and pretty well spotted. --- EDIT: 4 doubles and a walk, but still only 2 runs cuz the guy gets himself out at 3b.
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