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  1. [...] He had a monster opening day but got hit. Anything about him getting hurt on that hbp?
  2. Cuz she thinks it looks bad once it went to the spot where she wants it. She is the one who chose it. I guess it is a woman thing. So picky. She gonna have to take it apart herself if she wants to return it. I aint wasting my time. Man it pissed me off that i had laureano on the bench cuz no one else in my lineup did anything. At least i won some lunch money at poker so it wasnt a total smurfing day.
  3. I ate all of Laureano's big zeroes the last few games. Today I started Carlson instead of him. But, Soler's rained out so I would have put Laureano in the lineup, but my stupid wife ordered a shelf. I put it together and forgot about the lineup. And NOW she wants me to take it apart and return it. AND I missed the Laureano homer.
  4. Dude went a week between hits. Due for his next hit on apr 15.
  5. Olson has such a pull hitter's swing. If I was a pitcher I would go for the high outside corner to him all day long. Beaut of a homer though. Slider (?) right in the wheelhouse.
  6. I woulda gone with "Nats activate closer, gives Hand job."
  7. Take his HLDs + SVs and divide by (HLDs + SVs + BS). The stat would be still misleading in that if he comes into a SV situation in the 7th inning, gives up 2 runs, leaves with 2 guys on base, but gets one out but leaves with a lead, and the next guy allows all those inherited runners to score, he would still get a HLD even though he's charged with 4 runs. But, still much better than looking only at his converted SVs.
  8. Dude was fine during the spring (incidentally, maybe it's better if a player struggles during the spring cuz he adjusts as the season starts). Then he hurt his knee. Plus, it's not like the rest of the OAK hitters are destroying the ball either, so the pitching they've faced is a factor. He hit a ton of homers two yrs ago despite breaking his hand. I feel like he's just a minor adjustment away from turning owners' frowns upside down.
  9. Looks like wins will be hard though. MIL offense looks sad. What a shame. Left with 1-0 lead, they bring in some AAAA type RP. They walk the bases loaded even though the guy is batting .071, and the next guy batting .115 ties game.
  10. who is this yardley guy? he's throwing 87 in a 1-0 game. That's MIL's best 7th inning guy?
  11. MIL just doesnt give burnes much run support.
  12. Apparently Devenski has been placed on the restricted list and it's not covid or injury. The plot thickens! Did he get into a fight? Anyway, looks like he capped his save total for the year already.
  13. Dude prolly feels like he gotta carry that offense that's more like a$$ than A's. That team headed for 90+ losses, assuming a full season. A few good players there, but plenty of who cares.
  14. MLB.com named some new bullpen aces, but I haven't heard any of them pop up in fantasy discussions other than the TOR dude. Kinda odd who they chose to talk about. Like one dude had one inning and they were like he's got good stuff!
  15. Usually when a player says they will blah blah blah during the season it doesn't pan out, but it seems Laureano is hellbent on stealing more bases this year. (Dude must feel like he gotta do what he can to help that offense score some runs.) Went 0fer 4 but had his 2nd and 3rd SBs of the year already. Just be careful of those hammies bruh. Who woulda thought my team's first W of the year would go to Cesar Valdez vs. NYY. Pitching's been aight (ERA under 4) but no wins. --- Edit: Correction, Ramon's got 4 sbs now.
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