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  1. Let's play some Jeopardy. Answer: Zero Question: What is the number of multi-hit games Happ has this year.
  2. Back in the day, Yahoo roster moves would be reflected in the lineup the next day, not same day. So it was impossible to pick up a player last minute to play for today, but the flip side is you could drop someone even if they started you today. That made rage drop very doable.
  3. F U Cobb. Back to the gutters you go. (Actually yahoo now wont allow you to drop someone in your lineup until tmw hahaha)
  4. I was concerned about Cobb's start at HOU because HOU is righty heavy and Cobb has a big time reverse split. He has no slider and his best pitch is the changeup. FB sucks. I ended up putting him in the lineup when I saw that HOU was last Rs in the last week... I thought his underlying K/BB and Swstr metrics look great but I was wrong. If he's not painting the corners with the FB he is not gonna make it. Not enough weapons to survive.
  5. Nvm about Bukauskas win lol. Dbags pen suck too. Bukauskas for the save please. I mean the dude's last name sounds like something that might describe utter humiliation of the other team...
  6. They usually run the stat corrections on sunday. The win should be credited to the 20th. If you didn't get credit for his 0.3 IP, you won't get the W. (Shouldn't, anyway)
  7. Bukauskas could have 2 wins in 1 IP this year, the way it's going. Lucky charmz.
  8. Are we confident about today's @HOU game? HOU offense (presumably without cheating) is mediocre. But, Cobb has exhibited big time reverse splits so far, which is not surprising since his best pitch is the changeup. His FB has negative value so far and curveball is so so. He has no slider. Really on the fence.
  9. By the way, that pitch Laureano hit on the final play looked like a pretty bad pitch down the middle. If he was going well he woulda shot it to the gap in left center. Instead he rolls it over to third. Sure sign of a slump is Ks + grounders.
  10. And... he homers! Much love to Fangraphs. If I hadn't seen the at bat log minutes before the lineup lock, I woulda benched him today. Time for a 5-homer week run.
  11. 6 of my starting 9 are hitting below .200. The other 3 is batting above .300... Wish I played in a razzball league. Would be running away in the K category. My hitters strike out so much I shoulda named the team Wind Turbines.
  12. Time to start him again. I put him in the lineup after looking at his batted balls by AB on Fangraphs. He's hitting the ball better lately enough though the surface numbers still look like donuts.
  13. So Laureano is at bat with the bags juiced and two outs, down 1 run. Classic situation right. I come back to computer and see that A's won so I was holysith that dude finally got a hit! He got something alright. He got hit to avoid an 0 for 5 last AB, but gets the 0fer 5 anyway. MIN what a farce. Team sucks.
  14. Hes lucky jeffers not hitting much either. 2019 looking like one of the bigger fluke seasons in recent history. Power's legit but he can't make contact.
  15. Was gonna bench laureano since he clearly struggling but then loubob's game is ppd so i ended up starting laureano. Sure enough 0fer 4 even though oak scored like 8000 runs.
  16. Need a W outta Rodon. Chisox pen dont F it up now ya hear.
  17. Olson hitting pretty well since he got hit on his hand. Hand injuries apparently his 'PED.'
  18. Couldnt believe it, but loubob is hitting .300+. A pretty quiet .300.
  19. Man that Chisox "defense." At least the run will be unearned.
  20. Rodon laboring early on. Hope he gets stronger as the game goes on.
  21. 2019 musta been a fluke. Look at soler career... One yr stands outs anomaly. He has been consistently garbage except for one yr. My mistake for drafting him.
  22. Graveman top dog in pen now... For better or worse. Drawing the tough assignments not so great for us owners though.
  23. Angels don't score when Bundy on the mound. Getting shut out by some random Japanese pitcher. Not that it woulda mattered with that 6th inning. Ouch.
  24. Surprisingly, for a highly touted prospect the dude doesn't seem to tattoo the ball. I saw somewhere that he ranked below avg. in top exit velocity recorded, which suggests he won't be a big time HR hitter. That said, I can see him getting better as the year goes along. Seems pretty polished for a young'un. I don't see him as a superstar type, but should be a decent regular for a while.
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