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  1. Aiyuk is in must-start territory, so he is in. If you can stomach Allen's inherent risk (if he is active), you can go for the upside there, but I think Wilson has a higher floor than Allen based on what we know right now.
  2. Nothing has been positive for Allen this week. He has been trending in the wrong direction each day. I hope they save us all and just declare him inactive so we don't have to make a decision on him lol. That said, I would still stick with Herbert. He is so much more talented at throwing the football than the other 2 and the matchup is mouthwatering. Hard to trust Hurts, who has 1 game under his belt, or Hill vs KC where NO could be down early (which doesnt bode well for Hill).
  3. Cooper is a very nice replacement option. I'd go Cooper. His floor is so much higher than Allen's.
  4. Tyron if Allen doesnt play and Julio does. Gage if Allen does play and Julio does not. If neither Julio or Allen play, I have no clue lol. Youre on your own.
  5. Semi-final matchup. Team is in Sig. We start 3 WRs. .5 PPR. I have McLaurin who will be my WR1. I assume Allen will be out, and even if he is out, he will be limited, and I am not sure I want to deal with that. I need to play 2 of the following WRs. Michael Pittman, Nelson Agholor, Tyron Johnson (if Allen is out), Sterling Shepherd, Russell Gage. I am leaning Pittman and Agholor right now, based on matchups mainly. Johnson would be under consideration too, but at least I have seen Agholor be good this year (even though it feels bad to rely on Agholor). Shepherd and Gag
  6. Davis because of touches. Dobbins over Hunt, ever so slightly. Dobbins should command more of the rushing share. Hes just better than the other 2 ravens RBs. But that hasnt meant much this year. Perriman if you can stomach relying on the Jets, but matchup is great and targets should be there. TY if not.
  7. Both are solid. Hill looked like a legit QB last week, after looking like just Tebow 2.0 in the first couple weeks. I guess I would lean Hill, but you really can't go wrong.
  8. Both are solid. NE more likely to get turnovers (and potentially a Def TD), so I would lean NE.
  9. Even though it does feel wrong to pick the team with Mahomes, I think team 1 is that answer now that CMC is likely to be out. Team 2 doesnt have the individual ceiling Team 1 does, but with Waller, Julio Jones in the Flex and NO on Def, they are rock solid top to bottom. I go team 1.
  10. That is quite the stable you have to choose from. I dont think there is any way you can bench James Robinson at this point. Matchup is good too. Akers and Johnson have tough matchups, so they are out for me. Drake's matchup is even a little tough. I think I would go Dobbins just because he has looked so good. He has so much more juice than Edwards and Ingram. I think he will take over more and more of the backfield share, and its not like the Ravens can coast. They need every win they can get.
  11. Samuel is locked in for sure (assuming hes healthy). They get him involved in a lot of ways. Cooks will be getting a lot of targets, but is playing the Bears. I don't think you want to play two Texans WRs vs the Bears either, so Coutee would be out for me. Juju could easily see another 7 catches for 28 yards, which is totally worthless for fantasy. I think I lean Hilton of the remaining guys. Finally showing some life, maybe Rivers has some more trust there. He's done it before. So I guess I would say Samuel, Cooks, and TY, although all 6 guys are fairly close.
  12. Conner has been junk the last few games, and the steelers run game has been even worse without him. If they have truly settled into not being able to run the ball, conner could like 8 touches which would kill you. I trust McVeigh to move the offense better than the chargers did last week. Woods gets a lot of creative touches. I think Woods has a higher floor, but a lower-than-normal ceiling. I think I would lean Woods by just a bit. The cancelling out of goff is just an extra bonus.
  13. Could you even imagine this being a question at the start of the year. Holy crap. But here we are. They are close. Lamar is better in every facet of NFL football. But Hill is just playing better right now. He has full command of the offense and a lot of confidence. In an vacuum, I think it would be Hill just by a tiny margin. The question is, can you live with yourself if Jackson goes off and you lose. I don't think I could. I think I would roll with the top QB taken in the draft and hope. Hows that for an answer? lol
  14. Not excited about either, but I think its Johnson. Hunt is probably a better back, but hes going to get far fewer opportunites than Johnson will (most likely).
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