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  1. Need some help deciding on 2 RBs for this week in the playoffs against the best team in the league (I’ll need some boom starts to have even have a chance) Which 2 RBs should I start, Standard Non-PPR league: A. Jones vs Panthers JK Dobbins vs Jaguars J. Wilson vs Cowboys R. Mostert vs Cowboys It’s insane to bench Jones for Mostert or Wilson right? I’m thinking the safe option is Jones and Dobbins but I need huge scoring from them... Thank you and WHIR!!
  2. The waiver wire is empty and I only had the option for Lev Bell who already played.
  3. Freeman would probably have the safest Floor, but if you are chasing points I think Scott would be a great pick. Eagles barely have any WRs and should pound the ball much more against a bad Redskins defense. I also like Deebo and against ATL, it's a no brainer. Help me?
  4. I think Winston against the Lions is a safer play just because how bad the Lions secondary is. Not to mention the Bucs have basically no running game. Help me?
  5. I'm having a hard time deciding which RB to start in this obviously critical week. Ekeler against the Vikings or Singletary against the Steelers. Both I think have pretty brutal matchups but they are my only option. Also, this is a Standard league with standard scoring, 6points per TD, 1 point per 10 yards. Thoughts? WHIR!
  6. I always have the attitude of if you want/need something just go for it. Cousins has put up crazy numbers and will probably get Thielen back this week too. I'd just go and grab Cousins now. Help me?
  7. I'd do this, CMC>Cook and Adams is still out with his injury. OBJ will bounce back based on his talent alone. Help me?
  8. I wouldn't, I'm a Bell owner and I'm even nervous regardless of his Cake schedule. Your team is stacked, and if Singletary develops finally (I'm also an owner), you are fine. Help me?
  9. I'd just roll with McLaurin, he's their 1 and I'm not sure how great Drake will be since he's playing against a great defense, and only knows the system for like 3 days. Help me?
  10. I'd go with Sanders and Michel, the 49ers are already saying how they are going to feed Sanders. Sony doesn't have the best matchup, but he's good for 12-15 touches min. Help me?
  11. I'm not sure I'd do this, as you aren't really getting an upgrade at QB and Drake will be good for a week, but he'll be stuck in a RBBC with Johnson/Edmonds once they are healthy. Also, Wentz is probably getting Jackson back this week which adds to his value. Help me?
  12. I'd stick with Kamara, I think Hunt will eat into Chubb's carries. It sucks being without Kamara because of the BYE, but if you can somehow patchwork it together this week, he'll be back for sure after the BYE. Help me?
  13. I've been offered a unique offer for Bell, but my RB depth is terrible, but the offer sounds really good. Standard Scoring Non-PPR, We can start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1WR/TE I give Bell and Woods and receive Hopkins and Watson My team: QB:Mahomes/Winston RB:Bell/Mongomery/Ekeler/Singletary/Walton WR:Edelman/Chark/Woods/M. Williams/J. Brown/Stills TE:Kelce Is this deal too good to pass up even with the trade deadline looming next week?
  14. Here is the trade I'm considering, Gurley and John Brown for Hopkins and Miles Sanders. Standard scoring 6points per TD, 1 point per 10 yards. Start 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE Should I pull the trigger on this? WHIR My team: QB: Winston/Darnold RB: Gurley/Montgomery/Ekeler/Singletary/M. Brown WR: Chark/Fitzgerald/Woods/Williams/J. Brown TE: Ertz/Graham
  15. Should I trade Diggs for Ajayi and D. Adams? Standard Non-PPR league. My RBs are Fournett/Jones(gb)/Henry/Montgomery and my WRs are Green/A. Cooper/Diggs/Jeffrey/Doctson My concern is Diggs will be a beast when he gets back, but who knows when. I'm sitting at just above .500 and have no RBs this week. I also have the option to get Hyde instead of Ajayi. Thoughts? WHIR!
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