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  1. My “surprise” team is the Chargers. Lynn seems like the kind of coach who could get the most out of Fournette. It would suck for Ekeler owners but Fournette could help fill that Gordon role & keep Ekeler fresh.
  2. Montero is looking real solid the last couple of nights. How would you guys rank (strictly saves & job security) Montero, Rosenthal & Bass ROS?
  3. Which batter would you rather have the rest of the season? H2H 1 pt bb, 1 pt run, 1 pt single, 2 pts double, etc. (No negative points for strikeouts)
  4. One of the M's announcers speculated that they brought in Elias (a lefty) since KC had Gordon & Duda on the bench to possibly pinch hit.
  5. Matt Gelb @MattGelb Pat Neshek warming up for the save chance. The Dominguez-Morgan-Robertson bridge was real solid. Retired 9 of 10 batters faced.
  6. Yuli Gurriel is owned in just 60% of leagues it looks like. There's a ton of opportunities hitting in the middle of that stacked lineup.
  7. You're not real deep at SP. I'd pass. Like the other guy kind of said, you'll generally have a chance to get closers via free agency down the road. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699697-rank-these-sps/
  8. Villanueva could be a decent stash but don't see a guy on your roster I'd drop for him though. Help?
  9. Leake wouldn't be bad either. He's durable & the M's have a pretty solid offense with a stud closer. Help?
  10. Looking at making a move for a SP. H2H League - scoring below. How would rank the following? Greinke Strasburg Quintana G. Cole Thanks in advance!
  11. 11:05 EST game tomorrow. We should know nice & early at least.
  12. Shhhhh. Hopefully the secret won't get out. I'm confident he'll way out perform his ADP & SS ranking.
  13. Definitely bummed he's hitting so low but you have to think if he hits like's capable of he'll hit higher at some point. Bring on some RBI's!
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