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  1. Nothing wrong with wanting an up-to-date roster. You know, in case they want to make other trades before the season starts. Beer must be stronger in Florida...
  2. My strategy this year is generally to go robust RB. It’s not because I don’t think there are RBs in the mid rounds that will be hidden gems and outproduce their ADP, it’s simply a matter of how many of the mid round WRs I really, really like. I feel a lot more confident that I can hit on the mid round WRs than I do about getting the mid round RBs right, so RB heavy in the first 5 rounds is kind of what I try to do in most drafts, depending on how things play out. Miles Sanders – Sanders was one of the biggest winners of the NFL Draft, as Philly didn’t add anyone that could potentia
  3. Sims is the same size as Jamison Crowder and should do well from the slot. I like AGG as well, but more for dynasty. I've been trying to roster both since there isn't any competition behind Scary Terry.
  4. Picked 7 rounds ago by Broken B. LMAO. And you feel pained to pick him now, eh?
  5. Good job tagging the next pick, Pred. @CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast OTC
  6. Anthony McFarland Jr @CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast
  7. Would like @DocJ to confirm his pick first just so we don't have to go back again. Unless Lord @Iron-cock gives me the ok to pick.
  8. @Br0kenB got skipped and is currently OTC if I'm reading things correctly.
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