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  1. Have one spot open...not sure really into a whole league live draft, but never know....but you are lacking in the stat categories. You need things like OPS, Holds. I like QS also, but the prior two are a must have for me anymore.
  2. Have an owner that wants to opt out in 16 team free Yahoo dynasty league, if you are interested....complete with farm teams on Google Doc. billybgame@sbcglobal.net
  3. Starting 8th year. Full dynasty, with farm teams on Google Doc. 5 round slow live draft. One Win settings with vast number of stat categories. At least 2 needed......not sure if another opening may appear just yet. billybgame@sbcglobal.net
  4. Still looking and willing to fill empty spot in a dynasty.
  5. At this point, probably a takeover. Just finally got out of a stupid live draft league. As you can tell, want no live drafts. Prefer dynasty.
  6. I need a league....prefer daily ,but I'll give it a shot But, what type of draft each year? Slow live?...I hope.. billybgame@sbcglobal.net
  7. Have one open slot so and sounds interesting, but being season's started, guessing you will have to do a live draft? That's a deal breaker for me. More info? billybgame@sbcglobal.net
  8. Have had 1 open spot on Yahoo for a bit, and not seeing any openings pop up that I'd like. Deeper leagues and full to close to full dynasty. No live drafts. If you have anything crop up, let me know. billybgame@sbcglobal.net
  9. Need to replace an owner in this league....team will be up to pick next in last round of draft....many good prospects on farm. It is the Wash franchise. You can trade in however.
  10. This is filling fast(9 of 14), but need more to join up soon so can get quick start.
  11. PS...you keep 26 each year with a 4 round slow live draft...that includes this first year.
  12. Never can seem to find league ideas I like, so I keep making my own leagues:)...or is that:( Anyhow, in talks in another league, I came up with this idea. If it was assembled quickly, we could get it together for the season's start I am sure. Maybe just the shortish slow live draft may run into season start....but vast majority of teams would already be assembled. Anyhow here is my thought: 2 franchises and keeping 13 players from each team....I think Yahoo limits roster size to 28, so that would leave a 2 round draft from the unowned franchses. Figure 12 to 14 teams....hopefully 1
  13. how many keepers? Have you drafted already? Slow or live draft?
  14. 1 spot left...team finished 6th, so made playoffs and quality roster. Some of the best Dmen and some good forwards and two young goalie studs Binnington and Jarry. Also have top prospect Zegras on farm team. Want to start slow live rookie draft tomorrow, so want to fill fast.
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