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  1. If you have Julio or Ridley I think he is a must have handcuff.
  2. I missed that. I am skeptical of any injury that is made to sound minor. If he doesn't have turf toe then you shouldn't have any worries about his outlook, but I if I see his performance drop in the next couple of weeks I'm blaming it on the his toe rather than skill.
  3. I passed on DJ and I think it was the wrong decision after this week. It should be almost impossible for him to put up worst stats than last year in this offense.
  4. Every player that has had turf toe has seen a drop in their stats from my recollection. This could be bad while it heals.
  5. How good is the Browns offensive line? Is anybody worried about the new offensive coordinator? From just looking at game logs Peyton Barber got a ton of carries last year but not much came of it.
  6. I think he's going a little high. Everything is good except we don't what type of offense this is going to be. This should be a passing team and I don't know how I feel about taking a back in passing offense that doesn't catch passes. I'd rank him right before Aaron Jones maybe RB 13.
  7. They need a second superstar and Lonzo is underrated. They were never going to win this year anyway, so while shocking this is not horrible for them. I think the bad signings we're because they knew they had no chance this year. Lakers goal once again is to get a second star.
  8. My issue is Dez is still a good redzone threat. I can't say this team is better without him. I would have to draft Barkley over Zeke. Is that crazy? Barkley's situation seems better in almost every way. I would say I compare Zeke's situation to Mccoy's situation last year and that's not worth top 3.
  9. I think people are mistaken how Lebron is going to be used. He needs to play more without the ball. I think him playing with legit ball handlers will be the best thing for his career.
  10. Lonzo is not Rondo. They are not the same person at all. Watch them play. Lonzo is just talented. For lack of a better word hes just a "Baller". He gets his teammates involved, has amazing court awareness and most of all knows how to play the position better than most point guards in the league. He doesn't hold the ball for the entire shot clock to pad assists stats. He moves the offense and is in control of the offense even without the ball in his hands, thats a true point guard. He just gets it.
  11. Can someone tell is Parker the problem? I have been the biggest Parker fan but when healthy Stills has put up almost identical stats. Stills led the team last year in TDs and has more than Parker this year. The most exciting dolphins games I have watched was when Stills was in. Am I missing something?
  12. I coach basketball and I am not even worried a little bit. His issues are easily fixable and he has the things you can't teach. He's is going to have a great career and should put up some decent stats this year. Shooting will always be his weakest area, but he will get better and learn to be efficient at NBA level. People complained about Lebron passiveness and scoring early in his career too.
  13. I had to take a look at Lonzo stats because everyone in here was complaining. I have never seen anyone flash pure talent in a while like Lonzo. In regards to his stats, he's giving you something every game. Always a mix of efficient assists, rebounds, or stocks. He is still figuring him self out and it will be ok. I am sure about that. Look at his stats and then realize he's a rookie. Stocks, efficient assists, and high rebounds for a guard seems to be who he will be.
  14. What!! He missed three things that we know of. Any self respecting coach would HAVE to bench him. If you don't it sends the message he runs the team and its disrespectful to everyone. If you are the center piece of the team that means more than just showing up on gameday.
  15. The leonard fournette news is exactly why I can't hold him that long. The points I can get from now to week 13 will at least be equivalent to whatever Gordon puts up ROS. I mean Gordon is only as good as the next best alternative, so if I find a WR who matches Gordon points from week 13 on then Gordon is not worth the hold. Maybe I'm way off base, but good luck to whoever holds just my thoughts.
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