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  1. Someone traded me Duke for Antonio Brown. So, there you guys go. Go get AB!
  2. He's a free agent in my 12 team league, currently. Anyone using a wait and see approach?
  3. Goff on the road? Consider benching him. Goff at home? Start!
  4. He literally led the team in every receiving category but the TD.
  5. "Boom or bust" with a QB that throws for 350 yards/3 TD's a week and constantly looks deep.
  6. The fact that any WR can break a long one at any given time, as long as Mahomes is QB, is why you play him. Targets don't mean a whole lot, to me, anyways.
  7. For those who care: Todd Gurley has caught a ball in 37 straight games. until tonight.
  8. Had almost twice as many targets as the next closest option, led the team in receptions, and led the team in yardage.
  9. Yup, going to get hurt. Just like the last two years.
  10. Congrats to everyone who started him because they weren't paying attention to pre-game reports!
  11. Can't get access to the box score. Sitting Mahomes due to the weather was the right call, right? Please say yes.
  12. As the Antonio Brown owner...you definitely bite, right? Team 1 Receives: Antonio Brown Damien Williams Adrian Peterson Team 2 Receives: Dalvin Cook
  13. The crazy thing? The 3rd quarter, even with absolutely horrible football, was fun to watch . The Tom Brady Tweet is surely going to ruffle some feathers. A quick Twitter search shows people are unhappy with the product. The question, is whether or not the masses will still watch without changes from the NFL (they will). But, over time, I think the product is gradually going to get worse unless the NFL steps in, and ultimately, ratings will suffer.
  14. They aren’t that important. Gostkowski just scored 4 points in a 43 point win. Ignore kickers from putrid offenses, ignore rookies, and ignore injuries. Other than that, whatever. Personally, I use my kickers roster spot to take fliers during the week. Example: In a superflex league, I had no one I wanted to drop, so I dropped my kicker to snag Taysom Hill while I waited to see if anything came from the Saints about him starting.
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