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  1. It's been a crazy year. The person I'm playing in the finals is in the same boat. Both of us have a few waiver wire picks we're starting in big spots.
  2. Why is he being compared to Hill and Johnson? It's a completely different situation. Vikings allow for a much more potential than Falcons and Lions on the ground.
  3. This is the first year in a while there wasn't that one RB that someone got within the first few weeks who was an RB1. I'm in the championship game and am starting mostly waiver pickups. Tannehill, Waller, AJ Brown, Perriman, Boone.
  4. I see him as a top 12 option if he gets the nod. [...] Luckily I don't have to decide until Monday night. Can't imagine it being a game time decision.
  5. I have a few defenses to pick from but no good options. Colts, Redskins, Bills, Falcons. Originally I went Colts but now I'm leaning towards Redskins. I also have McCaffrey so I'm not sure I want to start Colts since TDs would get offset.
  6. Thanks. There is also Fuller on the wire but I think I like them two over him
  7. Standard league scoring (non PPR) Starting 2 of the following AJ Brown Perriman John Brown Woods Right now I have AJ Brown and Perriman in.
  8. Standard league scoring (non PPR) Aaron Jones Drake Boone If Boone was 100% the starter and it was an earlier game I would maybe think him but I don't think I'll risk putting him in. Originally I had Jones in but am thinking Drake. Neither has an easy matchup but if Drake is the bell cow I can see his floor being higher than Jones. I can see either going off for big games.
  9. Stick to your plan. I was going to draft a QB and TE late. I had Waller and Andrews in mind at TE and about 5 late round QBs I would be targeting, one being Jackson. I walked out of the draft with Henry at TE and Cam at QB. They fell to me considering where I thought they should go but only by a round each. Stock up on RBs. They're the most important position and the hardest to replace. I'm in a standard league with 2 RB spots and a flex spot. I almost always come away from the draft with 3 RBs in the first 4 rounds. Even in PPR I would most likely do the same. I've never had all 3 of my
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