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  1. UPDATE: So I had Gallup in my lineup all week and was going to go with him. I was leaning toward starting him all along. But y'all suggesting Scary Terry (and using the nickname Scary Terry) started to eat away at me. Especially "Scary Terry! No question." I saw Curtis Samuel beast on my bench in the London game and feared starting the wrong guy and leaving two beasts on my bench this week. So literally 2 minutes before kickoff for the Washington game, my gut told me to bench Gallup and plug in Scary Terry. So glad I did! Thanks for getting in my head guys!
  2. Uh, my league is a $100 buy-in. If they are available, grab them. If they're not in your league, move on.
  3. I assume you mean Malcolm Brown vs. 49ers and DeDe Westbrook vs. Saints. I would be scared of starting Brown. McVey just talked up Henderson and specifically mentioned this week being a week they "lean on him more". The Jaguars will need to work the pass game in this one. I know Brown is tempting but Westbrook might be the safer play. Here's mine:
  4. Go with Hill. Moore is in a good spot (I have a similar dilemma with Curtis Samuel) so I understand wanting to play it safe. But I'm starting Hill this week for sure if he's healthy. If he plays and Watkins doesn't (seems like this may well be the case) he might go bonkers. Here's mine:
  5. I got offered Howard for Singletary last week. I ended up turning it down, and the advice I sought here in the forum also unanimously suggested keeping Singletary. I'm an Eagles fan so it was tough to turn it down. Maybe I was wrong to. But I really wanna see Singletary in action. As we saw last week, Howard is gonna be unpredictable and I think we've already seen his best game of the season in week 4. It's a crap shoot but I kept the dynamic rookie. They are both probably low floor players but I think Singletary has a better chance of breaking off big plays while Howard will be more TD d
  6. WEEK 6: Who to start? Michael Gallup @ NYJ Terry McLaurin @ MIA Curtis Samuel @ TB All three of these are potential blowup spots. My other two WRs who I'm definitely starting are Hopkins and Hill (we start 3 WR). I've got Aaron Jones in the flex. I'm really torn since all 3 of these dudes could go off. TB gives up the 5th most points to WRs. MIA gives up the 7th most points to WRs. NYJ gives up the 12th most points to WRs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I was just posting about these guys in their respective threads, but I think if you have the bench space, now is the time to grab a potential QB1 and TE1 who might be sitting on waivers in Drew Brees and Hunter Henry. I just grabbed both for free yesterday. I can't imagine the Brees acquisition being a bust. Henry could bust, but the talent is there if he gets the targets and stays healthy. And if he does, so what. I think it's worth the risk depending on who you drop for him. I dropped R. Penny. F that fat F.
  8. Brees has been sitting unowned for weeks since his injury. Just picked him up because I started to notice more news blips popping up about his recovery on fantasy sites. I have Wentz, who is doing alright, but I mean, Drew Brees is Drew Brees. I don't NEED him until Wentz's bye in week 10 and Brees should be playing again by then. After that I'll play the hot hand/favorable matchup. I say unless you have one of the top 5 QBs, grab Brees if he's available and you have the bench space. Like Novaray said, this might be your last chance to get him (or at least without giving up waiver positio
  9. I don't trust MVS as a #1 WR. I think Rodgers spreads the ball around without Adams. I've got the same question with him as he's been offered to me in a trade. Cowboys allowing a lot fewer points to WRs as well. Roll with Robinson. Here's mine
  10. Fuller is being talked about as a buy low candidate right now too. I say pounce. Roll with Jackson and start Fuller. Upgrade. Here's mine
  11. You give up Henry and David Johnson? I would not make this trade. Johnson is a stud. Two RB who have the whole backfield to themselves for two time share RBs. Nah. Here's mine
  12. I think Gordon will have a higher TD upside. I think he'll be good this week. Here's mine
  13. Trade offered to me. He wants Singletary and is offering Howard and Valdes-Scantling. I've been waiting on Singletary to get healthy and excited to see what he can do. At the same time, the Buffalo backfield snap share is about as predictable as Philly's. Kind of a guess at who will take the lion's share of their backfield, Singletary or Howard. MVS honestly doesn't interest me much. Doesn't sound like Adams will miss a lot of time and even while out Rodgers will spread it around. I'd drop Demarcus Robinson if I took this trade. And with bye weeks MVS probably isn't long for my roste
  14. Thanks everyone. Dropped Brown for him. Feels good. I live in Spain so I'm 6 hours "ahead" of the rest of my league. Was worried about one of them waking up today and getting the same idea about Gallup as me so I wanted to move quick. I appreciate the prompt responses!
  15. I'd go Godwin if things sound okay pregame. Otherwise Thompson could be a good play against the Giants. Or Metcalf. Here's mine
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