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  1. Just acquired him in a dynasty league ... any projected time table for his return? Thought is was a good buy low worth the risk, I think Anderson's got "ace" potential
  2. someone please bump this the second he's available on yahoo please. [dynasty]
  3. if you aren't starting him with confidence in those matchups you might as well drop him ... you couldn't ask for much better to start off the year.
  4. this thread makes kevin smith's look relevant and greg zuerlein's look sane.
  5. but i can still type in jahvid best and get an actual highlight instead of a 1930s showtune.
  6. by far the worst thread in rotoworld history. it's been downhill since "powell wheels" and the unfunniest hype thread ever. i'd rather start greg zuerlein, on his bye, at my RB2 spot.
  7. I just sold high on Powell for Tiki Barber in my ppr dynasty league. Love Tiki's upside.
  8. [# of excuses given for how good he would've done if ....] > [# of fantasy points]
  9. is the rain gone? can you see all obstacles in your way?
  10. the situation isnt even right who would ever feel comfortable playing the "hot hand" in this awful running game might as well stash beanie
  11. bad matchups...bye..."hot hand" committee...beanie back week 12 shows over, it's been fun. not really, this hype thread sucked. only laughed once.
  12. please get 10 points tomorrow so i can package you for an upgrade to my starters.
  13. I have 0 expectations for him I just had an open roster spot and would feel like an a** if i didnt add him and he became the next fantasy stud RB I dont anticipate owning him this time next week ... but who knows?
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