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  1. When I start Carr he craps bed, I sit him he goes off.. Rivers threw for 39 yards in 2nd half - my playoffs work that 3-6 and 7th is most points do a roto where top 2 points move on. Carr would have given me 12 more points. 1 guy had Taylor another had Sanders (where he has done D*ck all year) - right now I am 14 down with his Connor and Pitt D vs Tucker. Guy with Sanders moved on so basically I need a miracle. Jacobs today failed me, Higgins has no QB Rivers again GHOST in 2nd half, maybe this makes a difference,
  2. Where is Jeudy? I need something from him!!
  3. Team of Carr/Jacobs/DJ Moore/ Higgins/Colts D — combined total 40 points ( Montgomery/Tonyan and Tucker to go) —- Tyreek in this league 77 — was in 6th with decent points now I’m done— again all Daks fault!
  4. Going to be 5-4 should be 7-1 week 2 start Montgomery over Gurley - Montgomery gets 7 points, Gurley 18 - lose by 6 ( 5 additional points -W) week 3 - 300 pass yards is 5 bonus points - Mahomes throws for 302 - lose by 3 today - wanted to start Jeudy over Montgomery Im a pu**y - Jeudy 32.3 - Montgomery 6 - lose by 10 — switch I win by 10 My season went bye bye when Dak went down - been streaming to no avail guy streams Carr gets 36 points - last 2 weeks he has 31 WTF!!! i suck at FF
  5. Got both Gurley and Moore going .8 points — hate Thursday games!!
  6. Have Gurley and Moore tonight grand total of .8 points - awesome sausage
  7. Where the hell is Gurley? Waiting to be on the 1 yd line?
  8. Last week start Gurley bench Montgomery lose by 6 ( Mont had 17 more points) - this week ha cant fool me start Montgomery bench Gurley lose by 4 ( Gurley has 8 more points) should be 3-0 instead 1-2 — also big shotout to MBrown and his 2.6 points... dagga-roni
  9. Hunt is going to Texans - lot of Arian Foster in his game Robby Anderson to Oakland because they need a toy for Carr Amari to Baltimore- oh boy watch out
  10. I will never draft/trade for this herb again! Unless Lamar is his QB
  11. Up 30 have Boone vs his ARod... feeling good but anything can happen! Lamar,MSanders, Woods, Kittle, Perriman Chubb did ungats
  12. For draft VALUE .... Lamar, For draft position ... CMC
  13. EFF YOU AMARI COOPER —- Going for points to get in playoffs in 1 league and for most points in another league
  14. Week 1 I score 202 and lose by 3 points, this guy in the last 3 weeks has scored 120,131 and 77!!! Yesterday I needed anything/something from Prescott and Cooper vs his Elliott, but his Elliott scores b/c Jarwin couldn't get in the end zone. I lose by 2.9 points, would have been .9 if he doesn't throw that INT at the end ----- DJ couldn't get 1 more receiving yard for 100 and my 5 point bonus?? OK I feel a little better now
  15. How did he get a W however? I see other pitchers before him...
  16. Going to lose to start in all 3 leagues: 1 league gonna lose 17-1 due to my wonderful pitching 1 league guy had 13 starters and due to my starting pitching so losing that points league by 60 lastly going to lose by 50 or so points due to my starting pitching see a trend here? Love Eduardo Rodriguez
  17. Yankees are just plain brutal ---- seems like they switched uniforms with the O's and Tigers ----- Fantasy Baseball ..... gotta love it ......
  18. 5 teams 0-5 didn’t score 100 in any of them —- already way behind in points for any tiebreakers. Already hating football
  19. that's dumb, a 3 run lead is a 3 run lead
  20. Maybe I'm stupid, but why did Neris not get a save --- it was a 3 run lead correct?
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