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  1. Don't worry you know Robrain will disappear any day now because he literally never posts during the season. He makes long a** posts all pre-season and then not a peep until next June.
  2. Jaron may not "take over" but if he gets more looks he will sap up even more targets in an already crowded WR core. This offense runs through David Johnson right now until Palmer gets out of his funk (if he ever does) Floyd is going to have a really low floor in the foreseeable future, making him tough to start even as a flex in PPR. Every year I have visions of Floyd living up to what we all hoped, and he has shown flashes, but man...when your QB is struggling, and you are making things worse for him by your poor play, it is hard to see much sunshine right now. All tha
  3. As a local radio guy here in Houston put it right after we drafted him "He has baby-midget arms" I think his ability to improve his catch radius will make or break him as just another fast guy in the NFL or an actual dangerous weapon alongside Hopkins.
  4. Trent Richardson rushed for 64 yards and caught 4 passes for 38 yards and touchdown against the Houston Texans Sunday. Richardson showed why he was a first round pick, routinely gets chunks of yards after contact and juking defenders out of their shoes. His touchdown reception he wen't nearly untouched into the end zone because the Texans defender cowered in fear of his almighty power. Trent Richardson looked every bit as hungry as his former Alabama teammate Eddie Lacy. Richardson is back on the RB1 and will and an excellent play against the Seattle Seahawks.
  5. Yeah well the Saints play the Rams next week, so theres that...you got it right in all the other Saints blurbs when referring to the correct week 15 matchup against the Rams, but for some reason Thomas is playing the Jets. Maybe by himself? I know pointing out these little mistakes can seem trivial and nitpicking, but I don't even have a job anywhere related to sports and I can still name most match ups in the coming weeks just because of how familiar I am with football; as I am sure tons of people on this forum could.
  6. You read my mind, I was just about to dig that blurb up and post it. It mentioned that he was grading out poorly according to PFF, which I don't see how when he was 3rd in the NFL in tackles at the time.
  7. They are giving up the 10th most FFB points to RBs this season, so this blurb is accurate.
  8. Guys, I have to admit something... I write the blurbs. So ease up, its a tough gig.
  9. I wonder if the guys that write these all text each other and make fun of all of us just the same. "Lol those forum guys think they are elite like us, what idiots"
  10. Hey what's up man? New to the site, just trying to meet some more fans. Who are your favorite teams? Big Pacers, Cubs, and Packers fan myself.

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