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  1. Thought I saw he missed today's practice.... anything?
  2. The drawback is they probably won’t be trailing or need to put up a lot of points.
  3. I don't understand how this benefits the 49ers. What am I missing? It seems the sooner you place him on IR, the sooner he is eligible to return, correct? Also, it allows them to call up additional bodies to the active roster, right? So they would be missing out on some valuable practice time... if I'm not correct on the rules, lmk. What do they gain, unless they legitimately don't know if Mostert's injury will sideline him for more than 3 weeks?
  4. Don't agree. He's fine as a GL back. He was excellent at LSU with this, plus vision. He got 5 chances in week 1, everyone in the world knew they were running, and Reid was just happy to see the clock tick down. The problem he has right now is that whenever he's in there, they assume it's a run play, so it's been all gadget plays. KC tends to do this. And he's had 2 TD's called back in consecutive weeks to bogus calls. I'm sure they will give Bell some cracks at it (especially on 3rd down) but I doubt CEH is going to be completely phased out.
  5. That's what I'm searching for... anything new? Is there a chance it wasn't as bad as they thought and he doesn't need IR?
  6. Not sure why you’re assuming he’s getting all the GL work. Hopefully he takes 3rd downs.
  7. [...] This thread is the only reason I snagged this dude on 2 of my teams. Whomever sold him and posted that video a couple of pages back... He would have slipped through the cracks on me for sure. Now I'm almost wondering if I can trade away a bigger name WR and just roll with this cat.... his schedule is mouth watering ROS. Just played his most difficult couple of defenses and torched them.
  8. I like Bell and he is a lot more talented than Connor. That said, when Bell went down earlier in his career DeAngelo Williams stepped up and looked better than ever. There is something to be said for the Pittsburgh running game... it can make just about anyone productive.
  9. I cannot say I targeted Fulgham over Claypool... But let's say I was happy with the timing that Claypool blowing up let Fulgham quietly slip down to me at mid-range of the waiver claims. I will also add that I was nearly equally excited to get either player. Matter of fact, part of me leans towards Fulgham because I'm not sure he's the athletic freak that Claypool is, but his opportunity seems more sustainable. Meaning, I think there are more mouths to feed in Pitt, but Fulgham may become the feature of the Eagles passing attack going forward.
  10. Everyone assumes Bell is automatically GL back. He just left a team where they used a smaller, older guy as the GL back. CEH excelled at GL duties at LSU and was hardly given a fair shake to this point. It was all from the 5 attempts in week 1 when everyone knew the run was coming and Reid didn’t care because burning clock was just as good as a TD.
  11. Agree on the Revenge angle... hard to believe that would be a motivating factor (in terms of Head to head vs the Jets). Any logical reasoning would point to first - he wants to show the world he can still play. Been almost 3 years since he's looked like an NFL RB. I'm sure having some Revenge on Gase is in his head, but it doesn't necessarily have to head to head vs the Jets. He will get the last laugh if he goes somewhere else and returns to his old form. Then, he would have some suitors in FA this offseason (assuming no one locks him up long term right now). The
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