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  1. Cook, Kamara, JROB, Chubb (expected back), Jacobs, Fournette -> lol seriously? In what kind of a league are they still available to pick up?
  2. Does the coaching staff realize his potential at all? What a waste of talent. No wonder they keep losing games.
  3. Even if not totally shutdown, he may not be the workhorse that we expect him to be. They may want to ease him in slowly only to fk up our playoffs.
  4. Yes they heard it and are laughing at your optimism at this point.
  5. Not RB1 any more probably but his usage is good enough to be valuable in PPR at least
  6. Rojo can be change of pace for 4net. May keep 4net healthy for the remaining stretch at least 😊
  7. Only time will tell who’s lucky. He’s sucked so far based on his preseason expectations
  8. Davis could be the pass catching back even if CMC returns. Hence the coach speak.
  9. https://247sports.com/Article/Evan-Engram-trade-rumors-New-York-Giants-not-expected-to-trade-dropped-pass-Ole-Miss-Rebels-153674969/
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