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  1. Anyone else have any further thoughts on Dobbins? He may be sitting as "available" in your wire right now being that its the Ravens bye week and he continues to be dropped by teams each week. The bye week preparation and Ingram being hurt heading into week 8 should only help his outlook moving forward.
  2. Yup that’s your best roster for now. Hasty is intriguing but just never know how 49ers will play their RBs with Mostert out. Anyways, thanks for answering mine!
  3. Which 2 RB for the rest of the season from these 4? Cam Akers, JK Dobbins, Damien Harris, and Zack Moss please help! WHIR!
  4. Done and up by 16 against my opponent who still has CEH going tonight. I suspect CEH scores at least one TD tonight making my chances not so great.
  5. I would grab Aiyuk as he's the most intriguing out of your choices. I think you'll be good with L. Thomas and Gronk as your TEs. Thanks for answering mine.
  6. Davis, Sanders, and Dobbins for me. Thanks for answering mine.
  7. I would drop campbell for Jones. Thanks for answering mine.
  8. Which 2 RB should I stash for ROS? 0.5ppr Fournette, Antonio Gibson, James Robinson? WHIR
  9. Ankle injury. Not sure on the extent of the injury but he hasn't practiced all week.
  10. Seth DeValve is the other TE on the roster I believe. He did play a season high 24 snaps last Sunday when Swaim exited with the concussion. So we could potentially see more of DeValve on Sunday.
  11. So Swaim's been ruled out making Oliver the primary TE. [...] I might be rolling with the Jags only TE option this weekend. Anybody else?
  12. Kamara got labeled as "Questionable" at least from what I saw in Yahoo...
  13. It was nice to see CT get 2 straight goal line carries. He would’ve had a bigger night if one of those opportunities crossed the goal line. Anyways, he definitely is the better back and like everyone has mentioned, they’ll be playing behind majority of the season. His floor is steady in PPR and ceiling will fluctuate as long as AD stays healthy.
  14. I know Evans has been slow to start but he’ll pick it up. I agree with everyone that need to try and keep Evans here. Thanks for answering mine.
  15. I would do it. I just don’t trust Winston or Dalton. Thanks for answering mine.
  16. I would go Brown here for the potential shootout. Please help with mine
  17. Yea I think I would do this trade. You get the better RB and you know the Saints will need Brees to ball out when he returns to keep their playoff hopes alive. I rather have Green than Robinson long term but I think overall you'd be slightly better with this trade for the long haul. Please help with mine
  18. Tough choice as both have been solid the first 2 weeks fantasy wise. I would go with Allen here personally. Please help with mine
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