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  1. Who would've thought, a RBBC with CJ Anderson and Gurley for the NFC Title. Sounds so strange.
  2. Deion Jones at CAR or Bobby Wagner vs KC?
  3. I like the Rams. Losers of 2 straight. They will murder Rosen. Did you see what Atlanta's defense just did to Zona? Titans distant 2nd.
  4. What a letdown. I legitimately had a shot to take down the #1 overall seed (on paper at least). His team dominated all season, wire to wire. My bad luck all started Thursday night. 1) Thursday: Butker only getting 4 points 2) Thursday: Me not starting Chris Jones DT with 18 IDP points 3) Saturday: Chubb average 4) Saturday: Landry terrible 5) Sunday: Aaron Jones ruled out in 1st quarter 6) Sunday: Ben average 7) Sunday: Gronk terrible 8) Sunday: Cooks underwhelming My team on the left. Literally all my guys under-performed. What's wors
  5. Good run Gronk. You are done. My team took a 💩 too. Ben Chubb Landry Gronk Aaron Jones 3rd place here I come.
  6. Right now, I'd lean Vikings. Detroit has been terrible. Key is whether or not Kerryon is back, which I think he's close to returning. Bills typically play NE tough. Denver is enticing, but they've been a fade as of late. Their secondary issues are bad. I can see Carr doing well at home. So Vikes, for now.
  7. Both close, edge to Jags since they’re at home.
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