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  1. I dropped Hasty for Perine and put him in my second RB slot. UGGGGGHH. LET'S DO THIS!
  2. I forgot to add that I'm starting B.Scott at RB and have a WR in the Flex. I essentially need one of these three RB's as my second today.
  3. Both QB's have a nice matchup. I'm starting Wentz and feel that you should, too. Help with mine?
  4. I'm pretty high on Mims today and am starting him over R.Woods. I'm scared but feeling good about it. Help with mine?
  5. The consensus choice of Fournette is the safest play. Help with mine?
  6. I love Herbert today! The dude is a stone cold killer out there. Shows no emotion and gets the job done! Help with mine?
  7. I may be on the wrong side of the popular opinion, but I'd sit Lamb. I'm really down on that guy right now to no fault of his own. Help with mine?
  8. I like G.Bernard over L.Bell here. The weather should especially give him a lot of work! Please help?
  9. Must win situation. Sitting at 2-5. Scored the third most points and have had the most points scored against. Saddest year in fantasy for me. Start L.Murray over J.Hasty or drop J.Hasty and pickup L.Perine for the start? WHIR as always. Thank you.
  10. Engram miraculously catches a pass but there's a holding penalty. I love it.
  11. 1.0ppr Traded A.Rodgers, L.Fournette, and D.Freeman for M.Sanders and C.Lamb.
  12. I like WIlliams over Sanders due to GB not having their WR weapons and may rely on the run more.I'd also start Woods over Boyd by a smidge. Help with mine?
  13. Rodgers is working with his RB's, J.Graham, and the scout team this week. Start Wentz.
  14. Thanks for helping with mine. I'd start Murray and Williams. NE D/ST is on fire and I'd be leary of starting Crowder.
  15. I like Edmonds here as he has a better overall matchup. This decision is a bit of a coin flip but I think Gurley is going to get a lot of work over Henderson today.
  16. Lineup is down below. Pick three of the following five RB's in 1.0 PPR. I'm currently leaning with Gurley, Coleman, and Singletary. Leave a link! T.Gurley @ ATL (16th fewest to RB's) T.Coleman @ WAS (5th most to RB's) J.White @ NYJ (17th fewest to RB's) K.Johnson vs. MIN (6th fewest to RB's) D.Singletary vs. MIA (2nd most to RB's)
  17. Tough call, but I'd go with Robinson. Thank you for helping with mine.
  18. It comes to down to C.Kirk and C.Thompson for me in a coin flip. Redskins OL is banged up and am feeling that Thompson is going to get a lot of checkdowns. Fire up Thompson.
  19. In PPR, I'd definitely go with White. Non-PPR would be Freeman.
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