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  1. If he goes to Minnesota where do we value him? Does he get the 38 mpg treatment from Thibs or the DNP-CD? Are they deep enough to sit him?
  2. Keeper rules only allow me to keep 3 of these guys. Help me rank them please. I’m leaning toward flipping Wall and Dipo for someone like Westbrook, but am I looking at it wrong? Should I keep the younger and healthier Oladipo and flip curry and Wall? How much trust do we have in Oladipo as a top 10-15 fantasy talent? Thanks, WHIR.
  3. He hit the waiver in a roto league, seems like a good stash. His PER 36 numbers are a little up over last season, seems like if he can get on the court he'll produce to what you drafted him for.
  4. Love that query, I took the liberty of averaging his numbers, so we can see what he averages when he's shooting well: pts/3pm/reb/ast/stl/blk/to 22/3/3/2.6/.76/.23/1.7 22 pts and 3 3pm, great! But the rest of that line is trash. I'm dropping when the right guy pops up.
  5. There's a lot of mention of his low usage on this thread, which last season was 17% and the season before was 18.5%. This season he is at 14.1%. To give you an idea of players with a similar usage rate as him last season, we have guys like Gobert and Draymond. BBall Reference Search. His usage is lower but his other stats are lower by a wider margin that his usage. His total rebound % is down 40%, his assist % is down 60%, his free throw rate is about half, and his turnover % is up 30%. At some point this season he may well figure it out w/ Cleveland, maybe when Isaiah returns, but the questio
  6. 12 team 9 cat h2h. I'm punting assists Here's the wire: Evan Turner (but I'm punting assists, I think...) Rozier LeVert Oubre Ennis With Nurkic and Lowry having slow starts I'm getting my a** kicked. I know it's early but I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel w/ Crowder. Is he worth dropping or anyone here?
  7. What's our floor at this point, I'm having a hard time holding on to him right now.
  8. You have a lot of bigs so I wouldn't target Nance, Booker or Collins now. Regarding Booker, I stay away from the "Zach Randolph/David Lee" types who give you pts, rebs and NOTHING ELSE. I am bullish on Carroll right now, as you saw in my post about dropping Crowder for him. Look up his stats from 2014-15 and you'll see the reason for it. Hood has to stay on the court, but if he can I expect good numbers. If you drop him keep an eye on him. As a spurs fan (see my pic?) I know Danny will cool off once Kawhi comes back, so he's a stream/short term play right
  9. Crowder is starting slow and the wire is intriguing right now: Turner Carroll Rozier RHJ I'm also carrying Hardaway Jr. and Chriss so needless to say I lost week 1. So drop Crowder? Thanks, WHIR!
  10. I like both. I don't really like Fournier or Reggie as keepers, so getting any long term value from those guys is nice. The 2nd trade seems too good to be true, do that in a second.
  11. 12 team h2h 9 cat. My Wiggins for his Vuc. We only start 1 center in the league and I only drafted Nurk. He has AD, Vuc, Drummond, DeAndre and Dirk. Is this overpaying for Vucevic? I could have drafted Vuc instead of Wiggins and maybe I'm just regretting it. I have Batum on IR and I don't think RoCo would get it done, so I feel like Wiggins is the best guy to get me a good center. Agree? Disagree? Let me know, and post yours WHIR!
  12. RoCo is averaging 7 3s this season, numbers don't lie!
  13. W.Barton or T.Prince? 9 cat h2h 12 team. Who do you like better? WHIR.
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