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  1. Yea LeSean fumbles last week, trips over his own feet this week and comes back in before Damien
  2. Geez this is tough because of your roster IMO. The trade in a vacuum is a big win for you, but your RBs are pretty bad behind Carson (who has problems of his own). I'd almost base this on your record at the moment. Better record and more time to wait for Barkley = more likely to do it. Or if your league is pretty trade-happy and you can correct this balance I'd also say go for it. But Darrel/Rex as your RB2 is pretty sketchy tbh.
  3. That's interesting. I think basing it on the my H2H matchup is smart, but I kind of think logically the opposite of you on that. Where WRs in general are the high variance guys, especially deep threats like MVS. Where as RBs in general are the higher floor guys and less big play upside (especially a slower guy like Darrel). So MVS would be the guy if you were in a harder matchup and Darrell would be the guy if you just want a 5 point floor.
  4. 12 Team 0.5 PPR. I have both Damien and Darrell Williams but also have MVS. Problem is MVS plays Thursday and I won't have closure on the KC situation. LeSean seems to be playing and Damien possibly could come back and muddy the waters worse. Go with the MVS thursday? Or wait to see how the KC situation shakes out? My worry even if Damien is out that Darrell plays second fiddle and doesn't get the yardage of last week. Plus Darrell was pulled for LeSean on the goal line twice so I'm weary of his TD upside despite being a big dude. Thoughts?
  5. Kinda depends on how you define 'talent.' In football, it seems that is usually referring to measurables or physical talent. Like how fast, strong, explosive they are etc. Or the classic 'eye test' from their college film. That wasn't Trent's problem. He has glowing physical talent and beasted at the combine/on film. 4.45 at 230 and Bench Pressed 225lbs 25 times. To put in perspective, Saquan Barkley ran 4.40 and 29 bench. Trent's main problem was that he had terrible vision for the NFL. Constantly missed holes, running into lineman etc. Stuff like hands, vision, awareness etc ar
  6. CJ Spiller was a 5th rounder his rookie year after a big pre-season and well...
  7. I own 0 shares of him but to be fair, the 6th/7th round price tag was before the LeSean Trade. He became a late round flyer after that in most drafts. But yea, I even called Darrel being ahead of him on the depth chart before all this because I don't think Reid is gonna let some 5'8 rookie be the one in charge of protecting Mahomes. Passblocking > Huge Squats when you have a QB like that. Darrell looked sluggish but dependable and the holes are big enough with KC to play the safer guy than the explosive one.
  8. I'm a Damien/Darrell owner (Even started Darrell today) but I think you are looking too stat-based. And you can't say small sample size but then proclaim his efficiency especially when almost half his yards came on a single play that actually should have been a TD with a faster back. Curious if you watched the game today because all of your arguments are box-score based. Knile Davis put up great numbers with the Chiefs too and he was awful. I'm not saying Darrel is Knile but he looked pretty sluggish out there tbh. All 3 of the other backs would have been gone on that long run he had
  9. I'm playing a pretty good team so I'm wondering if I should go up with the big play upside of MVS as Duke is coming off of a 6 touch game.
  10. He's the Miami Hurricanes all time leading rusher. 'Passing guy' is kind of a not true stereotype but yea he is if thats how the coach chooses to use him I think we can wait til past the first drive before we form any full beliefs here
  11. Eh it all depends on depth of league. 10 teams? No. 12 teams short bench? No. But beyond that I would say yes. Sorry but if you think an explosive Rookie on a generational offense with only a Journeyman and a declining 31 year old to leap frog has 'no value' - I don't know what to tell you. An injury to either player and he becomes relevant. And if we're being honest, Damien or LeSean would not be the hardest guys in the world to leapfrog. Plus this isn't some bum we are talking about. Player Talent + Situation + Path to that Situation puts him as a great stash in deeper
  12. This is part of what's annoying about Rotoworld tho. They posted that unofficial depth chart as a front page headline and then never mentioned he wasn't warming up with the starters. Wish they would not say anything if they aren't going to follow with their reporting. through near gametime.
  13. Yea that's pretty annoying. With all of the people writing about fantasy, you'd think the 'WR1' on a 'shoot-out' game not starting would get mentioned. That's why I was wondering if there is something official so you don't have to count on Roto giving a s--- about the player.
  14. Ok sure there are some vocal minority but the vast majority of Damien owners were never expecting bellcow usage since the LM trade. But a 60/40 snap count + I saw LeSean get removed from an endzone trip that he helped get there for Damien so it's not as doomsday as "50/50 split" makes it sound. I am cautiously optimistic about this game as a Damien owner. I recognize things can change fast and this could have been just a warmup game for LM, but if Damien owners end up with a 60/40 split + Majority of Redzone work, its gonna be a good year. But I think you are just fighting stra
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