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  1. It is really fun when you pick a contrarian team and Miami comes through with an upset and half the league is eliminated in one game. Like when EVERYONE picked the Vikings to beat the Bills in week 3 last year and the Bills came through with the huge upset. I ended up winning a bunch of money last year because because between the Saints week 1 loss and the Bills game, the field was down from 80 people to less than 10 after week 3.
  2. Never been more glad to have zero shares of Gronk. Every year he has either been a beast or been on IR. This year is the worst possible scenario of not being hurt but not beasting. I still belit that the news of him almost being traded is the key here. It's a very Belechick thing to do to allow him to stay but show him that he isn't really needed... and make sure he doesn't make his performance bonuses.
  3. This is incredibly poor logic. The Colts gave up a first for Trent Richardson. The Browns traded TRich because THEY knew something that the Colts didn't.
  4. This was my thought. They will probably use him sparingly until late in the season/playoffs and then unleash him. That way he doesn't make his bonuses. Just a thought.
  5. Drafted CJA and dropped him after the Broncos seemed to have moved away from giving him a full load and went to a committee. Had to pick him back up for the finals after losing Burkhead. I'm sure my opponent laughed when he saw him in my lineup, but I knew what CJ could do when they give him the touches (which they went back to doing). Thanks for helping me win a championship today, CJ!
  6. I lost AB, Burkhead & Lee last week but still ended up winning. News then breaks that Greg the Leg is on IR. I just picked up CJ Anderson, Wallace & Martavis off waivers to start for me in the Championship
  7. Schefter is reporting that Greg the Leg is being placed on IR with a back injury.
  8. Made it to the 'ship this season in all 3 of the leagues I play in. In my most important league, I survived no Gronk in round 1 and injuries to Antonio Brown, Burkhead AND Marquise Lee in round 2. I eliminated the Kamara owner in the semi's in one league and will face the Kamara owner in the 'ship in another. On one team there will only be one player I drafted (Gronk) in my starting lineup this week with AB out. Got Zeke back for the 'ship in the other. No matter what happens I feel pretty damn good getting 3 out of 3 teams to the 'ship!
  9. Jordy Nelson. He will be closer to his old self than what people will remember about him from this lost season if his. AJ Green might be a good value next year. New coach might do for him what McVay did for Gurley.
  10. Up by 70 with no one left. Opponent has Ryan, Julio, OJ Howard & Sanu left to play tomorrow night. Bonuses for 40+ yard TDs and 100 yard receiving/300 yard passing games and all TDs are worth 6pts. Need Ryan to have a bad game and throw any TDs to anyone but Julio and Sanu. Not liking my chances since Julio put up 56 points in my league's scoring format against Tampa Bay earlier this season. Need all his players to stay under projections!
  11. Started Marquise Lee and Antonio Brown. Absolutely horrible way to end my season with a lot of money on the line. Devastating.
  12. Started Bortles and Lee. Feeling deflated after that drive.
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