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  1. i really hope it goes down to 3...i believe i said this earlier but vjax had the trade in place and everything was going to workout and AJ didnt do anything with it so he ended up getting the 6...
  2. Who knows...Im hoping they lessen it because vjax already had a deal in place and AJ basically canceled it to send a message "we own your rights and you will be traded when we say so," but I can also see it being 6...I wouldnt get your hopes up but I am hoping for the suspension to be lessen here is a good article about it http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/se...hargers-stance/ sprano is basically on board with AJ
  3. is it worth holding onto this guy till oct 16th or whenever it is??? The more time goes by I really dont think he is going to play this year and I think AJ wants to really stick it to him
  4. its alright i ll let it slide this time...anyway i dont think think he'll play this year...his stock just went way down i was going to give it up till thursday in my league to cut bait with him
  5. Muahahahaha it is new news check the date...and actually i was able to pull this before rotoworld The Rams reportedly pulled out of the V-Jax sweepstakes on Thursday according to NFL.com, but Thomas is one of the best in the business. The Rams are in desperate need of weapons to aid Sam Bradford's production and if they get a deal done by today, Jackson would be eligible to play by Week 4. Stay tuned. Sep. 4 - 2:37 pm et ,<---- Check time and when i posted anywho... i think bradford and vjax would be a good fit and bradford has looked good in his preseasons game...Lets get it done rams!
  6. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/football/pr...127992bc8b.html that popped up today...rams are still in the mix
  7. and then there was silence before the storm...really though im surprised no news yet, quiet yesterday and today so far
  8. Well Im sure something is going to happen as in he gets moved...esp with the housh news and now the chargers acquired crayton
  9. same here but now i think something might happen since the seahawks are trying to trade housh
  10. haha i hope so or else i wasted a 13th round pick on him in my 10 team and i believe a 9th round pick in my 12 team when we drafted august somewhere around august 16th
  11. http://www.turfshowtimes.com/2010/8/31/166...vincent-jackson here is an article on it too by the way
  12. well if the rams do get him it will be the first time they invested in a wr for sometime...I think they might considering the new owner and all or at least thats the rumblings Im hearing (in the stl area)
  13. Interviewed by NFL Network on Friday, Vincent Jackson reiterated that he is prepared to sit out the entire 2010 season. Jackson says he'd "above all else" want to be a Charger for life, but will do whatever is necessary to get his desired long-term contract. V-Jax told NFLN that he never asked for a trade out of San Diego. He also guaranteed that he'll never get another DUI after being charged with two as a fifth-year pro. Aug. 27 - 4:57 pm et I wonder if Jackson is going to budge at all...I know his agents said that they would pay jackson and jackson would pay them back but that cannot be a
  14. hahaha thought i would update this The San Diego Union-Tribune's Kevin Acee hints that the Vikings have made inquiries about unsigned restricted free agent Vincent Jackson. Citing league sources, however, Acee reports that Minnesota "immediately balked" at Jackson's contract demands. Acee reports that "no one" is willing to pay Jackson the five-year, $50 million deal he's seeking. V-Jax isn't going to the Vikings, but he's just as likely not going anywhere until he 1) Signs his one-year tender, and 2) Lowers his long-term asking price. I feel like vjax is shooting himself in the foot and p
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