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  1. Just some things are way to predictable. I knew coming in its one of those big hyped games but end up a wash for someone. I had 2 really good teams in a championship tonight and to watch them lose with a display like that is zero fun. Just not a single fun aspect of that tonight, lame.
  2. Glad I started Corey Davis..amazing if you looked at his stats he's one week on ,one week off, for weeks....this was his off week yet I still played him, why is life such trash
  3. What hurts worse is I actually grabbed dillon but really, without biffs almanac how the f do you just toss him in there? I play every year, ill never stop but my God I just think fantasy football is about as much fun as jamming an ice pick up my dick sometimes
  4. Can't wait to draft adams next year and enjoy a season long lingering injury
  5. Dillon with more points than jones is all one needs to prove how nobody knows a single thing in this game, just a bunch of guesses.
  6. Amazing how I have every dude out there and I'm gonna lose 2 championships.
  7. It's hilarious I have jones, Henry, Davis, tannehill an tonyan and im seemingly going nowhere
  8. Everyone's dropping passes, I get benching him for the half but give him another shot in the 2nd .
  9. Absolute monster, say goodbye to getting him for a discount .
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