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  1. My team is done. Haven't been able to post 100 points in a month, while the playoff bound teams have been able to produce 130-150 frequently. Poor drafting, injuries, and lousy free agent acquisitions have undone me this season.
  2. Mitch Trubisky is one of those rare talents incapable of elevating skill players even during garbage time. What you get from him in the opening minutes of the first quarter is precisely what he'll give you in the closing drive of the 4th quarter, his team down 10.
  3. If Gurley comes out this contest without a scratch, I'm dropping.
  4. Rivers is something else. I was never convinced of his skillset. Any QB capable of squandering the squad he had in the mid-2000s is bound to be average for the rest of their career.
  5. If the 'Skins were smart (they're not) they'll start Guice right away to see what they've got. The season is lost, AP gets them nothing and they owe him nothing since he won't even mention Washington in his speech at Canton.
  6. Gore stopped on 3 consecutive goal-line carries inside the 2. Unbelievable.
  7. He's implying it was a poor decision on your part. I disagree but whatever.
  8. Not Callahan's call. Washington's front office will want to know what they have - if anything - in Guice as they begin to prepare their offseason strategy. They're not going to let an aged RB already set for the HoF and more than likely will retire a Viking hog-up invaluable playtime at the expense of a player they'll want to assess while there are still games left from which to assess.
  9. Chris Grier made a call from upstairs threatening pink slips when he saw the score 14-0.
  10. How is galloping with the ball w/ 3 blockers doing too much? He got it punched out from behind. Doing too much is trying to fight for 3 extra inches while being draped by 5 defenders and getting the ball stripped.
  11. I think I'm done with this ****. Overpaid for Chase via trade and dropped Drake in the process. Same guy that I got Chase from had picked up Drake as a FA. He just messaged me asking if I'm interested in "doing more business." I stared at the message dumbfounded and mentally envisioned a bridge with inviting waters beneath.
  12. Traded a productive player to get Chase. Chase does nothing and gets hurt while doing it. Losing in a very low scoring contest.
  13. Aside from having to meet them in the Super Bowl itself, why should New England be concerned about any NFC team's playoff viability at this early point?
  14. Now or never, Brandin. Be the player I drafted you to be!
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