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  1. bump We are still figuring out Stat categories. I Will be adding OPS, SV etc... and leaning towards a spreadsheet minors system. Email me at touchbelini@yahoo.com if interested. Still spots open.
  2. We are starting a new 16 team, H2h, free to play, Yahoo dynasty league. Our old league disbanded as we did not have enough returning owners and could not find replacements before others left. So we are trying to start a new one, hoping we can find owners interested, dedicated and ok with starting late. Right now it looks like we won't begin the season until at least week 3. With the long baseball schedule, and considering it would only be for this season, we are all ok with that. So right now, we need at least 8 owners, possibly 10. You can email me at touchbelini@yah
  3. 16 team, h2h dynasty, looking for a few replacement managers. Please email touchbelini@yahoo.com if interested. Below are league settings. Thank you Scoring & Settings Edit Setting Value League ID#: 4166 League Name: MLB Dynasty Auto-renew Enabled: Yes Draft Type: Offline Draft Keeper Settings: Ye
  4. 16 team h2h Yahoo Dynasty league, looking for a few replacement owners. Not sure how this is going to go after the year we have had, but numerous owners not responding. Holding 2 round 8 hour draft clock per pick draft when full. Please email me at touchbelini@yahoo.com if interested. Thank you. League ID#: 2749 League Name: Grinder Dynasty League Auto-renew Enabled: Yes Custom League URL: https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/grindr Draft Type: Live Standard
  5. I wouldn’t necessarily bet on him entering the top 15 - 20 RB range, but I wouldn’t bet against it either. At this point he looks like a completely different player than last season and he should continue to improve with more experience. Hes also caught all of his pass targets so far, all for gains. All be it only like 3 or 4 targets so far. He will never be Faulk when it comes to catching, but the “he can’t catch” rhetoric that’s been popping up in the past 2 years now seems a great exaggeration. He certainly can catch. He looks about average relative to other RBs in tha
  6. Wow. Don’t think anyone expected this game 1 of the season. It was only on 4 plays, so not sure how repeatable but wow. Charknado indeed.
  7. Damarea Crockett has been going in the 2nd and 3rd round of rookie drafts the past 2 weeks and I’m sure he was a late round flier in some redrafts ahead of guys like Armstead and Ollison who are clearly better short and long term RBs. Now Hyde goes to Houston and Crockett gets sent to the practice squad and won’t even be on the opening day roster. Darwin isn’t Crockett by any means but I think you get the point. Hes now at best a hold at worst droppable depending on league size and type.
  8. Any Hill owner would be crazy to do that at any point this summer. I’m still shocked that two weeks of preseason performance caused Thompson to be drafted ahead of Hill in many redrafts and many dynasty/keepers. I don’t think there was ever a point since the nfl draft that Thompson has looked like a better or more complete back than Hill. Thompson getting drafted ahead of Hill was always FOMO bait and those that bit are currently caught with the reprocussions of making such a silly choice. if Thompson even comes close to having the career I think Hill could have, ill eat my wor
  9. Very different. Hill has all but officially moved ahead of Gus, maybe officially even by now. Either way HIll and Ingram will be somthing of a RBBC with Ingram getting the larger share for now. I’d expect this to be very similar to Ingram/Kamara in Saints backfield previously. Gus would take over Ingram’s role theoretically if Ingram got injured, but even that’s not guaranteed with how Hill has looked. right now I’m pretty certain me, other fantasy hobbyists and the Ravens staff view Hill as being capable of more than just being a CoP guy. He could eventually be a 3 down back, or at l
  10. I like your team. I might try to move Pettis now. With Samuels and Hurd on top of their other weapons, I am concerned about Pettis. Really, I think that's the only adjustment I would make at the moment. thanks for helping with mine.
  11. Man I really think Chubb is being overrated. He hasn't yet produced at the level he's being drafted. Hunt as outproduced his rookie year every year he has played.
  12. I don't hate Flacco. Lock if injured, wont be able to play and will redshirt. I don't hate Dalton but I see a lot of issues there. While I really do like what Rosen has done in preseason, I am not certain enough he will carry that production over. All though I do expect him to start over most games this season. Haskins as well is a big question. Definitely not Eli or Keenum. To me this boils down to Flacco or Rosen I think. If you want to roll the dice at being able to keep Rosen possibly. Flaco the safer choice though. Please help with mine, thanks:
  13. Henderson and Fitz for me. Gurley has looked great. I really doubt he misses much time unless he suffers a new injury. The "arthritis" doesn't seem to be holding him back and Henderson has been overdrafted in redraft. Fitz for me has some very good young WR to contend with now in Kirk and Kee Johnson. Isabella and the other Rookie seem pretty irrelevant at the moment. Also, if Murray struggles a bit that will effect Fitz. I actually think McCoy has looked good so far. Unless he gets injured I would expect him to still get a good run. Even if he starts splitting some touches wi
  14. I would probably go with Connor then. I am not as big on Chubb as many others. Hunt WILL get touches and it will be something of a RBBC. Connor at a 3rd Round value is great. I would have kept Hill if you could keep him longer than this season. But since you cant, I would go Connor. Please help with mine, thanks:
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