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  1. I can’t wait to see how the NFL rationalizes keeping D Watson in the league.
  2. I’m not a fan of zero RB because your whole draft is basically picking lottery numbers rather than players. I like trying to find the best value players per ADP and building a draft strategy around them rather than just spinning a roulette wheel. That said, the way the NFL is going virtually all-in on RBBC, fantasy football is basically turning in to a roulette wheel at RB regardless of what round you draft an RB in. It used to be you had a very solid chance at grabbing 2 solid RBs in the first two rounds. Now it no guarantee you can even get one you feel good about. . It seems
  3. S Barclay and Daniel Jones are both going to get killed if they don’t do something about that O line.
  4. Even if you don’t believe all the sexual deviancy smoke billowing out of Snyder’s franchise and want to set that aside, Snyder sucks as an owner from a football and operations standpoint anyway. Absolutely awful. I hate seeing any franchise suck this bad for this long. Was hoping he’d be replaced with someone competent. And I’m Giants fan.
  5. DANIEL SNYDERO, WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is buying out the team's minority owners. The New York Times reports NFL owners next week are expected to approve a waiver that would let Snyder take on an additional $450 million in debt in order to buy out the Football Team's minority owners, who would get around $875 million for 40.5 percent of the team. This would end one of the ugliest, most protracted ownership battles in league history. The buyout comes as an investigation into sexual misconduct within the organization conclu
  6. Christine Michael is going to be a fantasy stud this year.
  7. EXACTLY!! If I were Wilson, I’d find a way to make it work with the Saints. I’d LOVE to see that. Restructure that Contract, maybe do something weird like guaranteed money but backload the bulk of it for a few years from now to make the cap work. There would be risk for the Saints but on the other hand they are built to win now, have one of the best offensive HCs in the NFL and a solid O line. Pretty good shot they could win a super bowl or two now with Wilson which would certainly be worth the risk of not competing later. If I were Wilson I’d make this ha
  8. Good grief I hope Wilson doesn’t go to the Bears. Nagy would ruin him Whatever Wilson brought to the passing game and running game with his legs would be destroyed by Nagy’s constant habit of overthinking everything and killing momentum and chemistry with incessant trick plays and rhythm-killing change ups. I hate it when the NFL uses a super-talented player to prop up a carppy franchise.
  9. That would really be a shame. I’ve gotten a lot of good information from this forum. Seems like Evan Silva leaving really hurt this place
  10. I honestly don’t see what that has to do flushing the entire Rotoworld brand down the drain?
  11. “Edge Forums”? Did NBC seriously just dump the Rotoworld brand? Seems like a serious waste of brand recognition and value. Rotoworld was THE original comprehensive fantasy site. Also, ... “Edge Sports”??
  12. I think this is a smart move by the Lions regardless but I wonder how much Stafford’s health is a factor. Hasn’t he broken his back two seasons in a row now? A broken back is no joke.
  13. The Panthers still haven’t put Christian McCaffrey on IR.
  14. Tramslation: ”Rhule said, ‘Oh snap. I’m new at playing games with NFL injury reports. Uh, maybe CMC will play! Honest!’l
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