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  1. That would really be a shame. I’ve gotten a lot of good information from this forum. Seems like Evan Silva leaving really hurt this place
  2. I honestly don’t see what that has to do flushing the entire Rotoworld brand down the drain?
  3. “Edge Forums”? Did NBC seriously just dump the Rotoworld brand? Seems like a serious waste of brand recognition and value. Rotoworld was THE original comprehensive fantasy site. Also, ... “Edge Sports”??
  4. I think this is a smart move by the Lions regardless but I wonder how much Stafford’s health is a factor. Hasn’t he broken his back two seasons in a row now? A broken back is no joke.
  5. The Panthers still haven’t put Christian McCaffrey on IR.
  6. Tramslation: ”Rhule said, ‘Oh snap. I’m new at playing games with NFL injury reports. Uh, maybe CMC will play! Honest!’l
  7. Seems like there ought to be a joke by now ITT about Johnson dropping balls,
  8. Got to love the Chargers dialing up shaky 5-yards-behind-the-line-of-scrimmage screen passes all day and then only start to attack down field (successfully) when we need OT. Way to botch not just a TD but the field goal too end the first half. So frustrating
  9. Another Miles Sanders owner checking in. He is of course on my bench Boy do I hate the f%*+ Eagles
  10. I second this. I didn’t even play against AZ’s D. Gettleman can’t get fired fast enough
  11. He’ll drop it on his foot and get injured in warmups.
  12. Requiem for a lost and frustrating season. Dropped for a kicker.
  13. Have at it but make sure you have a barf bag ready if you plan on watching the Eagles offense
  14. If he plays Swift. Otherwise Jacobs. Sanders is almost droppable and now he’s playing the Saints who have allowed 1 100 rusher in, what?, a season and a half? help with mine?
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